Practical Uses for AI in the Workplace

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The way we go about our daily business operations is changing all of the time. Technology is advancing every day, and new innovations are continually coming to the fore. If there is one thing that is most certainly going to have a massive impact over the coming years, this is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Before you dismiss this as something that is overly advanced and not suitable for your working environment, read on to discover more about some of the incredibly practical AI uses in the workplace.

Proactive listening – Let’s begin with proactive listening. Today, the vast majority of voice agents are passive until the keyphrase is spoken. However, AI is advancing this, playing the role of being an active participant and listening out for meaningful cues. After this, the technology will be able to contribute meaningful content to the meeting or any other scenario in which this form of AI is being used. This type of technology is in the very early stages, but you can expect it to be mainstream within the next few years.

Facial recognition – Another benefit of using AI in the workplace is so you can take advantage of facial recognition. This is of paramount importance in a day and age whereby businesses need to prioritise security more than ever before. You can use AI to make sure that only certain people are allowed access to your building or certain rooms within the building. You can also use AI to ensure security when using various systems within the workplace. Not only does AI help in this sense with regards to security, but it can also boost the level of customer service your business provides. This is because no matter who one of your employees is talking to, they will be able to identify who the customer is. This ensures an improved level of customer service is provided, so customers feel valued and their issues are dealt with at a quicker speed. You can also use this to help employees identify one and other without needing to use name tags.

Boost communication and collaboration amongst employees – There is no denying that one of the main benefits associated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) is that it helps to boost collaboration and communication amongst everyone at your place of work. The StaffCircle – Internal Communications App is a prime example of this. Applications like this enable you to make the most of everything from video training to digitalising worksheets and tasks. These solutions go above and beyond the software that is available today, enabling you to achieve more in the workplace, and operate at much higher levels of efficiency.

Improve meeting ergonomics – Earlier in the post, we touched upon how AI will improve meetings and similar scenarios through proactive listening. However, this is not the only way in which AI will boost meeting ergonomics. When having video meetings or recording meetings, it can be difficult to control the camera and capture everything properly. With AI, the technology will know when people enter the room, when they start to speak, and so on, and this will result in the camera automatically adjusting so that meetings flow more efficiently and the right scenes are captured. Not only this, but AI can be used to improve the audio aspect of a meeting as well. After all, how frustrating is it when there is something typing way in the background while you’re trying to talk to someone via video call?

Voice enabled assistants – Last but not least, you will have, no doubt, heard of Alexa, Siri, and other voice assistants like this. Nevertheless, AI is most certainly taking this to the next level. This enables you to carry out a number of different tasks with ease. This could be anything from quickly getting answers to simple questions, or it could mean that the voice assistant sifts through data to provide you with the information you need for the task you or your team is working on.

From collaboration to proactive listening, there are many different practical uses of AI in the workplace today, and it is likely that these uses are only going to expand over the years. Make sure that your business is ahead of the game by investing in AI today, rather than allowing your competition to take the lead in your industry.

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