Which Job Is Right for an Expat in Singapore?

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Singapore is one of the regions in Asia where foreigners love to work and invest. It’s a vibrant, cosmopolitan and exciting place. Living as an expat in this country is enjoyable if you know the best jobs for you. The steps involved in seeking employment in Singapore are simple, especially if you have met the minimum requirements as set by the law. The good thing about living and working in Singapore is that they have a multicultural work environment where people from diverse backgrounds are appreciated. So, let us see the best and most popular jobs for expats living in Singapore.

Information Technology Sector

Singapore is known to invest heavily in IT. Both the government and private firms have set deep roots in Singapore to provide IT solutions to the numerous businesses and organizations. If you are an expat and have an IT background, you can easily find a good job here.

All other sectors rely on IT for software and mobile app development, provision of IT infrastructure, real-time IT solutions and many other IT needs. You can offer these solutions either by becoming a consultant or obtaining a job as an IT specialist in any of the known IT firms.

Finance Sector

It is normal for all businesses, whether big or small, to have an accounting or finance department. In Singapore, all businesses and organizations are required to keep books in case of audits and to remit their taxes. As an expat living here, you have an opportunity to venture into the finance sector if you have this as your career.

Most private firms are looking for sharp finance skills to propel themselves forward and cut costs. Experience also matters when looking for a finance job or even trying to set up your own financial consulting company in Singapore.

Retail Sector

Singapore is known for their world-class shopping experience. As an expat, you can be part of making this trend grow. Whether you choose to set up a retail shop in one of the malls, airports or any other hub, the opportunities are numerous. You will be surprised that a good retail outlet in fashion, household goods or any other area will be successful as soon as it starts to operate.

Another option to become part of the retail sector as an expat is managing big outlets like supermarket chains, grocery stores and auto parts shops. These managers earn a good income at the end of the day if you have skills to share.

Hospitality and Tourism Industry

This sector is usually the backbone of most developed economies in the world. Singapore has a lot to gain from this sector, especially in the accommodation department. As an expat with enough experience, you can easily land a job in one of the hotels, lodges, resorts, villas or restaurants. Managers earn a decent pay from such jobs, not to mention other benefits that come with the job. All you need is to be smart to build your work profile.


It is no doubt that Singapore is a top choice for expats from any corner of the world. While here, expats have numerous opportunities to find a job of their choice. Other sectors also can accommodate expats, but the above discussed careers are in the best and most popular areas to find a job here in Singapore.

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