Ways Your Small Business Can Improve its Delivery Service

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As a small business owner, you are constantly looking out for ways to improve, to grow your company and stand out from the competition. While you can invest in new systems, hire the best talent and improve customer service, there is another key area to consider: delivery.

If you sell any form of goods or products, then it’s likely you will also need to arrange transport. It can be easy to consider delivery as an afterthought, but the delivery process forms a crucial part of the customer experience, so it’s important to get it right. Here’s how you can improve yours.

Update Customers Often

When your customers have placed an order, they do not want to continually check on its progress and track the delivery status. Instead, provide regular updates to increase customer satisfaction and improve delivery.

Whether by text, email or using your company’s app, provide notifications at each stage of the process, from packing and collection, to expected arrival date and out-for-delivery notices.

Offer Different Services

Not every customer will be able to wait three-to-five days for delivery, just as not all orders will need to be delivered next-day. As such, the key to providing a great delivery is by offering different services.

Providing choice will provide more freedom and could help to attract more customers. This could include a budget option, collection points, and faster services.

Outsource Your Delivery

As a small business, you are limited with your delivery options. Unless located locally, you may be unable to provide expedited delivery services, and if you can, it could be costly.

Instead, by outsourcing your company’s delivery needs to an expert courier like Tuffnells, you can provide customers with a more efficient service. Whether you operate business-to-business, regularly ship parcels abroad or simply want to offer a faster service, outsourcing can help improve your company’s delivery.

Provide Driver Training

You may prefer to manage your transport in-house and that’s okay. If this is the case, then it’s crucial that you provide driver training.

If you run an ecommerce company or operate online, the delivery driver acts as the face of your company. This means that the way drivers interact with customers is crucial, so invest in training to boost satisfaction and improve delivery.

Ask for Feedback

What is the easiest way to find out if your customers are happy with your delivery services? By asking them. Provide your customers with regular opportunities to provide feedback, which you can then use to implement changes that they care about.

For many business owners, their main delivery concerns relate to price. As an area that does not generate revenue, it can be easy to give it minimal thought. However, stepping up your delivery game could improve customer satisfaction and help your small business to grow.

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