Fix Up, Look Sharp! How To Drive Foot Traffic To Your Store

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Running a brick and mortar store on the high street is a very different experience than running an online ecommerce site. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and both ecommerce and physical retail locations can earn your company a good profit. For both, you want to drive as many customers as you can to your products. Online, you do this with SEO and keywords and social media. Physically, you do this by maximising foot traffic.

Increased foot traffic means increased sales and better engagement with your customers. All of these things lead to much higher revenues, and there is so much that you can do to fix it all up and get your store looking attractive enough to bring in the cash. Below, we’ve got some proven ways to get people moving through your doors and spending their cash with you.

Curb Appeal. As with selling a house, your store needs to have curb appeal – it’s a deal breaker as to whether you will get anyone coming into your store or not. Sprucing up your storefront with new signage using double sided polyester tapes can make a huge difference to the way your store looks. There’s maintenance jobs that need to be done at the front of a store to keep it looking clean and tidy, such as washing the windows and sweeping the store front. You can give it the once over yourself, to decide whether it looks like a store you would want to walk through. You can use curbside extras like these to really entice the masses!

Offer More. You need to best your competitors so that more people will want to buy from you and not them. It’s important that you give more to people, and you can do this with complementary services. So, if you’re selling car parts, why not offer free cleanings or maintenance with a purchase? If you’re selling beauty products, why not offer a freebie once a month and when people turn up, they can be enticed by your products – or at least keep in your store in mind for their next purchase.

Work With Bloggers. It’s important to increase footfall to your store, but you can do this by going online and merging with bloggers and having them promote you in their blogs and social media, leading people to your high street shop that way. You can offer bloggers a free service or product to test and review for you, which will interest their followers. It’s the perfect use of online power to get your brick and mortar store more visitors.

One of the best ways that you can bring more people to your shop is to put yourself out there. Canvas on the streets, make your shop the most enticing to view on the high street. It needs to be attractive on the eyes for people to feel interested in enough to set foot inside. Once they’re in, give them a reason to buy from you! Fix up, look sharp and get those sales!


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