Which Web Host is Best for a Personal Blog?

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Personal blogs and websites have taken on a new precedence in the last few years, considering that a good blog which garners around 10,000 followers can actually be the main source of income for the owner. When you’re new to the game and setting up that all-important personal blog, you want to be sure that it looks the part, runs smoothly and supports all the traffic necessary to get your blogging business off the ground.

Setting up a website isn’t as easy as thinking up a domain name and getting on with it – there’s many things to consider first, and the #1 thing you need to do to get started is to sign up with a web hosting service. This will be the platform from which your website runs. Think of it as renting out your own space on the internet and building your website from there.

Different web hosts provide different services and can handle different requests. Make sure your web host can support everything you want your website to do before you sign up. A useful resource for finding what you need to know is Hosting Foundry’s top web hosting reviews. Look here for comparison of hosting sites.

Here are the top web hosts for running personal blogs that are great for beginners, support increasing traffic, and enable all the kinds of graphics and pages you’ll want to add.


Bluehost is the web hosting service recommended by the power behind the internet, WordPress. It’s the perfect package for beginners as it comes complete with a free domain, free site builders (which allow you to construct a functional and professional-looking site with no coding ability required), and round the clock support for any questions users have.

Their website says that Bluehost powers 2 million websites across the internet – so you can be sure your blog is in safe hands. It starts at just under $3 a month, so is affordable for just about anyone who wants to run their own blog. You can set up WordPress installation through this platform with just a click!

To summarize, Bluehost is very simple to use for beginners who have never built a website before and comes with a variety of site templates so no need to worry about drafting in web designers just yet. Have your site up and running quick as a flash with Bluehost.


DreamHost also allow you to build a site very quickly, with templates and features that mean you don’t have to be a graphics whiz to create a beautiful site. It supports two different hosting types: shared or WordPress. Either way, DreamHost uses super-fast servers to support your website’s performance.

If you suddenly start gaining lots of visitors to your site, don’t fear about your blog crashing and being unviewable to visitors. They will increase your bandwidth automatically to support any increased traffic you receive, without you needing to lift a finger. This is a great help for fast-growing blogging businesses.

Overall, DreamHost is easy to navigate and automatically expandable for any sized blog. You can host unlimited websites through one account – start building your internet empire now!


iPage is brilliant not only for building your site but spreading the word about it too. Once you’ve created your site with its free web builder and complimentary free domain, it also provides you with marketing material and free credits to tools like Google AdWords and Bing’s version, as part of their special introductory offer. You also get a free corresponding email address.

iPage is so confident you’ll love their service that they offer a 30-day refund guarantee if you decide their way of hosting is not for you. They assist you with everything you need to know about website building to help you get your project up and running ASAP.

Benefit from their plan of ‘£100 in extras’ for no extra cost – security features, WordPress building tool support, and much more. Launch your website through iPage today!

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If you’re in Australia then start by looking at the best web hosting providers for Australians.

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