4 Things to look for when adding a feedback feed to your website

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There are various types of user feedback tools, with one of them being the feedback form. A lot of websites use this type of tool to get various comments, questions or opinions from individuals that have visited the site. These forms come in quite handy as they are easy to use, go direct to the point and do not take up much of the user’s time. Therefore, if you consider adding a form as your feedback feed on your website, then there are quite a number of things to consider. Here are four things to consider:

1. Ensure that the layout is simple

In order to have a good feedback feed on your website, you need to have an online review generation software plugged into your website. Then to make the feedback feed easy for everyone to use, ensure that the layout of the form is easy to read and use. Do not include too many fields on the form as you do not want to make it at appear too busy and difficult to use. Make sure all the fields are also labelled out clearly.

2. Make sure your feed is compatible with devices such as cell phones

There are a lot of times when we try to open a certain page of a website on our phones and the page does not show up clearly since its design is not compatible with mobile devices. Having a feed that is incompatible can be quite frustrating and annoying to consumers and most of them will not even take the time to provide feedback. In order to acquire the feedback from your customers or clients, make sure your feedback feed is user-friendly and can be used on all types of devices.

3. Consider having an open review section

Having an open forum where users can write their feedback may be a good idea to attract traffic to your website. This is because an open forum allows for individuals to read feedback from other users. If your website gets a lot of positive reviews then they will boost the confidence of lots of other people visiting the website, for instance, if it is an online shopping website. Moreover, if it is a website that provides, for instance, technical support, then having an open review section may allow for people to ask for help from other users of the website, creating some sort of an open forum. If it turns out productive, then your website will end up being a personal favourite for many.

4. Don’t make any fields compulsory.

In order to have a good feedback feed on your website, ensure that you do not set only compulsory questions in the feed. Having an open forum feed will allow the user to communicate to you about anything, even small details about the use of your website. Ensure that the users can submit their answers even if they answer one or two of the questions you have put down in your feedback feed. Always remember that the user commenting on the feedback feed is a favour, not a necessity.

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