5 Types of Content Every Business Needs to Create

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Content creation is one of the cornerstones of a modern business. You need to keep your customers engaged with a wide variety of interesting and informative items, but you also need a clear strategy that predicates what you are sharing. Think of your content as a tool that furthers the aims of your business. In the points below, we are going to list five of the most important types of content that your business needs to be creating on a regular basis.

Trust-Building Content

Customers need to be able to trust the businesses that they buy from, and your content is one of the ways that you can build this sense of security in them. You can do this with ‘how to’ guides which help to establish you as an expert in your field. Customer testimonials and third-party reviews also play a big role in building up your reputation. Plus, any awards that you have won or accolades that you have achieved should all be displayed prominently on your website and in marketing materials.

Educational Content

Once you have gained this initial sense of trust, you get then embark on a mission of education. This can be done in the form of blogs or perhaps a weekly newsletter that you send out via email. Online seminars and video links can help to provide another form of interaction for your clients. If you are going to create any of this kind of content, you need it to look professional so check out video production agencies. Create an FAQ page for your website, so people’s most common queries are dealt with straight away.

Customer-Generated Content

The next thing that you can look to do is get customers directly involved in the production of content. For example, once a customer is satisfied with the service that they have received from you, look to move them automatically through a referral and review process. Perhaps for your most loyal clients, you can get them involved in creating video success stories where they talk about how much your business has helped them.

Other People’s Content

As well as all the original content you are creating as a business, you can also share the content of others. Social media is the perfect place to do this, whether it is through sharing other posts or directing customers to things that you think may interest them. You should also try to actively form relationships and cultivate connections with other like-minded organisations to a create a mutually beneficial policy of content sharing.

Converting Content

Content has the power of converting your consumers into buyers, so don’t forget about this essential factor. So, all of your posts need to have a call to action, even if they don’t have an overtly sales-based angle. After all, the number one reason that you are creating all this content in the first place is to grow your business and attract new customers.

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