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Forget about going global; impressing the local markets is the key. SMEs can’t compete with the likes of Facebook and Apple, so they have to think outside of the box. One innovative idea is to build a community with local markets that have an interest in the brand. The more you hit, the bigger your reach will become. The obvious problem is how to sidestep the corporate nature of marketing to relate with individuals. Although it isn’t simple, it is achievable when you understand the tricks of the trade.

This is how to build a community with a quality marketing strategy.

Listen To Locals

No one understands the area better than a person who has lived and breathed it their entire life. Yes, some companies can gain insight and do it alone, but it’s difficult because the small things count. And, foreigners tend to omit the fine details. As always, customer feedback is essential if you plan on tweaking the products or services to sell more. Be sure to focus on qualitative research as it provides in-depth answers. Also, hiring local professionals is a savvy move. Not only are they a customer, but they are an entrepreneur, too, so they know how to exploit the market.

Analyse Marketing Effort

Adverts are weird because it’s hard to gauge their impact. Unless sales or traffic benefit from a hike, you can’t be sure they are hitting the mark. Even then there is no way to no the true reason for the increase. Thankfully, digital marketing is more sophisticated now than before and analytic software exists. Using Google Analytics is a straightforward and effective way to test traffic and bounce rate, for example. More specifically, a search audit will tell you whether SEO terms are a hit or a dud. Remember to switch up keywords and phrases to keep up with customer evolution.

Do More Than Translate

Simply translating a website into a different language isn’t localising content. If anything, it’s a lazy attempt at trying to appeal to a new audience. The problem is there is never a word for word translation so the content often won’t make sense. An even greater issue is the fact that local people want to read and watch topical content. Talking about the stock market crash in the US won’t be a hit, but it will be if you relate it to their community. Try and think of ways to make the site relevant to the target audience.

Cater To The Location

The biggest mistake you can make is to assume everything should stay the same. It shouldn’t because it’s a brand new market and is subject to different variables. Price is a prime example. To begin with, the amount should be in the local currency and not pounds or dollars. More importantly, the figures should relate to the area. Can people in Southeast Asia afford to pay more than Europeans? On average, the answer is no so you shouldn’t expect too much. Otherwise, these markets will find a cheaper alternative.

Which tip do you think is the best one for your business?

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