Creating A Welcoming Reception For Your Creative Office Space

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January is the perfect month to spruce up your work environment and ensure that your business has a productive space in which to grow and evolve. The entrance and reception area to any company is often the first impression that many potential clients and customers will have of your business, and will set the scene for your meeting ahead. It is also the place that your team will walk through each morning before they get to their desks, and it will influence their mood, motivation, and productivity levels for the rest of their day. Therefore, your reception area needs to be a place that welcomes and inspires everyone who walks into it, so it’s time to give it some attention to set the tone for the rest of the year within your business.

If you have a receptionist; they’ll also appreciate working in an environment that’s been giving care and consideration. As the person at the front-of-house in your office and business; they will be representing your company, and need to leave the best impression possible on everyone that walks through your doors. Investing time and effort into creating a carefully considered front-of-house space, will ensure that both your employees and clients feel appreciated and looked after as they enter the environment. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for those looking to spruce-up their reception area, for the best welcome possible when people enter.

Plenty of Personality

The entrance to your business is the first taste many visitors will have as to what your company represents and the services or products you provide. Therefore, it’s crucial that you think about each aspect of the interior, and how it shows off your brand identity. Memorable and quirky art, or colourful furniture and room dividers from companies like Everblocks UK are a great way to make a lasting impression on those who spend time in there. Providing a memorable and design-led interior will stick in people’s mind and give them a positive first impression of your brand. Your team will also appreciate the comfort, space, and quirky elements of the space, so make sure each area is considered well.

The Little Extras

If people are sat, and waiting for their meeting to begin, or to be called through into the office environment; it’s worth thinking about what you can provide them with. A source of hydration is essential, so a water cooler will always be appreciated. However, perhaps you could consider providing facilities to make hot drinks, or putting out a selection of fresh juices each day that people can help themselves to. Reading material that links in nicely with your business is a thoughtful touch, and you could go so far as to having something sweet to nibble on. Branded sweets are something a client or customer can take away with them as well as enjoying them as they wait to see you. Think about the positive environments and situations that have stuck in your mind throughout your career in business, and do all you can to be the next one for all those who walk through your company doors.

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