Freelancers, Here’s How You Can Rapidly Rise To The Top Of Your Field

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Even lone wolves, want to be the head of the pack in freelancing. After all, you may be working for yourself, but you still need the best and most high paying client to ensure that your business remains viable in the long term. Something that being at the top of your field will definitely help with this, so read on to find out how you can get there.

Let people know about the benefits of using you

You can be the most gifted designer, clever programmers or dynamic trainer, but if potential clients don’t know that you have these services to offer you won’t get much business come your way. That means it’s vital that you have an effective marketing plan if you want to stand out as one of the front-runners in your field.

To do this freelancer usually, use a range of methods, that in combination work towards directing and convincing clients to pick them over the competition. One such method includes encouraging referrals by offering a discount on future work.

This can work well because real life referrals are often the best way of persuading a company to work with you. Just ensure that you work on your pricing structure, so you aren’t losing money when you do the job for the original company.

Manage your time

Next, to be at the top of your game as a freelancer, you have to have stellar time management skills. Otherwise, the job you take on can end up being very low paying, if you work them out on an hourly rate.

That means you need to get realistic about estimating how long specific tasks will take you. This is so important because it ensures the costs you quote and what you end up charging are as similar as possible. Something that is vital to making your client happy at the end.

Also, to help you with your time management as a freelancer, you have to know what elements of your business to dedicate your time to, and what elements to outsource.

For example, a web designer will create their own website, as it acts not only as a way for customers to get in touch but also as a live portfolio of their work. However, a writer or graphic designer’s time may not be best spent learning to code and create a website. Instead, they would do better to use a firm that offers cheap web design, with a monthly fixed fee instead. Then they are free to focus on the work they have on their books and doing amazing work within their specialism. Something that is going to help them secure more work in the long run and get a good reputation within their chosen field.

Stay up to date

Of course, a secret that all successful freelancers know is that they have to set aside the time and make an effort to stay as up to date with development in their field as much as possible.

That means attending regular independent trading sessions, reading industry articles, and embracing new processes and procedures wherever possible. After all, no one can be at the top of the game if there are people around them that are using newer and more effective techniques in their work.

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