What Should Your Next Steps Be When School Finishes?

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When school starts, you’re often excited about the prospects the next four years can bring. You’re going to love making new friends, learning a lot, and even having a great time. So much so that these are all things that we come to expect from college life. But, if there’s one thing that a lot of people underestimate, it’s that those four years can fly by pretty fast. And when that happens, you’re suddenly left facing graduation without much of an idea of what you’ll do next. As a graduate, or a soon-to-be graduate, you definitely have a lot of options. So if you’re not sure what you want to do, giving each of these five some serious thought should help you work out your next steps.

Grad School

Now, you’ve just finished school, and maybe you’re not ready to get out there and begin your career just yet? Sometimes, when you want to do a set profession, you’re really not going to be ready to go right into it – or even able. For something like a lawyer or a doctor, grad school is always going to be your next step. But you should have already been working towards this, or you should start now if you’re not quite at the graduating stage. However, grad school can also be great for you to progress in a range of other fields too.

Online Masters

Another option for you is going to be to study online. Because when you’re not sure on where you want to go from here, you may not want to commit to a formal school full time. But, with something online, such as an IMC online, you will be able to study in your own time. This is great if you need to work full time, as you can study in the evenings or at weekends instead.


Or maybe there’s something specific that you really want to do? When that’s the case, you should definitely start to look for internships. Whether it’s something in marketing or journalism, or something more technical, an internship can be a great way to build up your post-college experience and land you your dream job too.


But then there’s the kind of times when you just need a break. You’ve just been through 17 years of schooling and before you commit to anything else, you may want to go on a bit of a post-grad adventure. And traveling can certainly help you with that. So definitely think about traveling to some of the spots in the world that you’ve always wanted to see, as that could really give you the break you need before you make your next move.

First Job

And finally, you’ve also got the option to put yourself out there and land your first job. Because for a lot of people, they really just want to be out there working in the world. And if you’ve already interned during college and you’ve made the connections, you may find yourself in the perfect position to do this anyway.

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