Keeping Up Appearances: Looking After Your Business Premises

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The first part of your business that customers and clients see when they’re visiting your company is the exterior of the building, and it’s entryway, and as you know, first impressions really count. That’s why you must make an effort to keep up appearances in these key areas. Here are some simple tips to help you do just that:

Pay Attention to the Exterior

Most of us pay a lot more attention to the inside of our premises than the outside, which often leads to us letting things slide on the outside. So, make it your mission to pay attention to the outside and entryway of your business rather than just the office space or shop floor itself (although you should be looking at them very carefully too). That way, you’ll be able to act quickly when the place starts to look dirty.

Invest in Exterior Cleaning Tools

Investing in a simple power washer and window cleaning device will help you to ensure that your buildings walls and windows are always squeaky clean, of course, you might want to hire someone else to do the cleaning for you. If that’s the case, set up a regular schedule with them, so that things don’t get too messy.

Use Anti Graffiti Film

If you operate in an area that has been known to attract a graffiti ‘artist’ or two over the years, then it makes sense to invest in anti graffiti film, which will protect your windows from the scourge of graffiti as well as the kinds of scratches and dents that can be common in busy shopping areas. You might also want to put up some CCTV cameras to deter would-be graffiti artists from using your walls as a canvas, too.

Repaint Regularly

Repainting, both your signage and your exterior walls regularly will ensure that the ‘face’ of your business is always at its best, and it really isn’t all that expensive to do in the grand scheme of things, especially if you do it all yourself!

Provide Bins

If there are no bins outside your workplace, consider providing some yourself, that way passers-by are less likely to toss their trash to the ground and more likely to put it in the bin where it belongs, for a cleaner surrounding area.

Invest in Plants and Flowers

Placing plants and flowers at your company’s entrance way is an affordable play of cheering up the exterior and excusing a welcoming aura. Just make sure that you or a member of staff takes the time to water and prune them regularly. Dead flowers and out of control shrubs won’t exactly give you the kind of image you’re aiming for!

Sweep the Decks

You might not technically be responsible for the area of pavement outside your store, but try to sweep and clean it nonetheless each day, to keep it clean and clear for those customers and clients you’re trying to attract.

If your storefront or office looks good from the outside, you can bet it will attract more people inside, so please do take these ideas onboard!

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