5 Tips for Finding Networking Leads

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As an entrepreneur, networking events can be where to find Network Marketing leads. These networking events give a lot of exposure to any entrepreneurs and their businesses. Networking is all about building real-life relationships and creating credibility for both you and your business. In order to find the right leads for your business, below are five tips to follow:

1. Set goals

Before you head to an event, have an idea in mind how many people you want to communicate with at the event, but be realistic with the number. Don’t just aimlessly walk around, find a target and approach them. It may even turn out that one person is all you needed. Do not be afraid to approach strangers. Just introduce yourself or pull someone into your group conversation, and they may be what you were looking for all along. Ensure that at the end of the forum you have communicated to as many people as you can.

2. Be selective

It is possible to meet a plethora of networking groups or individuals but you should only interact with those that give you an opportunity to network with people who can increase your overall influence and social reach. Choose people with whom you have meaningful and relevant conversations, and don’t be afraid to excuse yourself from those conversations that do not have any impact on your subject.

3. Keep a hit list

You should have a list of top prospects that you expect to be at the event and you should have an idea what they look like so that when you spot them you can make your move. Meeting a representative that you may have tried to contact before at a networking function almost guarantees a response since you will communicate face to face compared to making unanswered calls and sending texts and letters which will not receive any reply. Do not be afraid to approach the person you want to speak to, even though they are in a group. Walk up to them, and when appropriate introduce yourself.

4. Work the room

Make sure you get to talk to as many people as you can at the event. Move from conversation to conversation and from group to group and speak to numerous people. Do not focus only on those people you are familiar with but approach strangers also. Get to introduce yourself and engage them in conversations where you can start by asking them questions about themselves as this will help them warm up to you more. When they are warmed up to you they will be more inclined to say yes or listen to your suggestions and ideas.

5. Follow up

Be sure to follow up with any prospect that you may meet at the networking function. Call, text or write to them including any details about what you discussed in your meeting. You can also invite them to follow up meetings be it for lunch or even coffee to discuss more on whatever topic you started on.

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