How To Diversify Your Income As A Freelancer

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Working freelance can be a big dream for so many of us. The idea of setting your own hours, choosing your own clients, and generally being in charge of your own income always has such an appeal. However, the freelance lifestyle also comes with its drawbacks. From loneliness to the worry of losing clients, it isn’t always for the faint hearted – and one of the worst parts of all is that your income isn’t always guaranteed. You never really know when it will dry up. This can often be enough to scare some people off. However, when you really want to go freelance, you should think about diversifying your income so that worry isn’t really going to come into things. Sound good? Let’s take a look at how you can generate your freelance income from more than one source.

Set Your Services As A Base

So first of all, you’re going to want to start with your services. Whether you’re a freelance writer or an accountant, you’re going to want to see this as your bread and butter. It’s the thing that you’ve started out in, and what will hopefully go on to earn you the most money. Your rates may be low to start off with, but as you build up experience and skill, you can then increase them as you go forward.

Add On Products

Then, on top of those services, you could consider adding products. Again, if you’re a writer, you could have an ebook on freelance writing – or as an accountant, you could have one about filing your own taxes. These products should be things that can easily be bought from your website without you having to ship anything else. This is going to be your first kind of ‘automated income’, if you like.

Start A Blog

Finally, you could also consider starting a blog. Whether it’s on your website and all about being freelance, or a separate entity about something else that you’re really passionate about, it could be the next option for earning money. With a blog, you can add in affiliate links, and these should then to earn you commission payments. Again this would also be considered a kind of passive income.

Push Your Marketing Tactics

While those are your three main kinds of income that can be generated, they aren’t just going to make money on their own. You’re going to want to work to ensure they’re affective. From pushing your services online and even trying online advertising, you’ve got to be proactive. That way, you’ll be able to generate more sales and interest in your business.

Keep Pushing Your Traffic

And finally, as well as ensuring that your marketing is always working its magic, you need to ensure that you’re also pushing your traffic. While some will say you need to increase it, what you really need to do is ensure that you have quality traffic. Because it’s the quality traffic that will convert into sales and customers for life.

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