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Nowadays social media plays an important role in our lives. No doubt it can be a perfect place for a small business. Most entrepreneurs set the following social media goals: awareness, traffic to a website, and engagement increase. Of course, the 1st thing you should do is to create a responsive website and social media profiles of your company where you’ll then share your website content and updates. However, it’s not enough. To reach your goals and to increase your social engagement, you should provide high-quality and interesting content that people will share with their mates and colleagues.

Let’s see what you can do to make your brand socially attractive.

Attract Audience with Emotionally Provoking Images

Visual content is the most sharing one. Try to use not ordinary images on your site. It might be an infographic that will give your visitors some interesting information and figures, pics of your products used by ordinary people in everyday life, humor pics that are close and understandable to everyone.

Once, SocialMedia Examiner posted a research where it was clearly seen that using images could increase retweets by over 35% and result in an 85% interaction rate on Facebook.

Even if you’re not an inborn artist, you can create astonishing images for your site with Pablo, a free tool that helps to make high-resolution images with captions. Thus, you can highlight your product in social media.

Turn Your Website into YouTube Machine

People like watching videos. A good-made colorful video may help visitors learn more about your company and remember the info about it. According to the statistics, people watch and share videos more willingly than plain articles.

Despite the fact that the task to upload a video onto your website off your own bat may seem difficult, there are many multimedia programs you can use to accomplish it.

You don’t need to shoot a Hollywood-style video. Create a photo slideshow and upload it to YouTube right from the software, for example by Then just embed YouTube video onto your site.

Bring More Customers from Twitter and Instagram Search

Use hashtags smartly. Posts with hashtags get quite double engagement and reposts than post without them. Add related hashtags to your posts. Thus people who don’t follow your profile can easily find your posts and then come to your site.

However, don’t overuse hashtags. Two or three for one tweet is more than enough. If you have an Instagram account, there you can use as many hashtags as you want since it’s an indispensable part of this social network.

If you don’t know what hashtag to add to your post, you can try this free service that generates dozens of relevant tags for you in a second.

Build Community of Loyal Customers

If you already have a website, it’s high time to add a blog into it. You can use it to share more detailed info about your industry, post how-to articles and videos, and everything that can be helpful to your potential customers. Look at famous Moz blog or Mint blog; the two companies have boring products, but they managed to create awesome blogs that educate, entertain and convert users into brand advocates every day. There’s something you can write in your industry as well.

Use special tools to find post ideas, examine your competitors’ content and create something really amazing. Semrush can help you with this task. Don’t forget it has a free plan for starters.

Make sure to share your posts on your social media accounts with a cool pic and a link to it.

Remind your Customers and Keep them Up-to-Date

Some people are way too busy to check regularly your website or social profiles updates. Place a Subscribe button on your site and send all the most interesting news, offers and giveaways in the email.

Just don’t spam your customers with never-ending messages. You would not like to get ten emails a day; they would not be happy to get them as well.

One more thing to keep in mind is to include an unsubscribe button. Let your customers leave your mailing list if they feel so. If you want, you may include a short poll when the click the Unsubscribe bottom to learn why they do it and what you need to improve in your strategy. There are many email services that are happy to help you: MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse and so on.

Talk to Your Audience to Get Feedback

Your customers will likely comment your posts, giving their suggestions and feedbacks. Try to interact with your audience and don’t leave customers without your attention.

Check most popular Q&A platforms like Quora or Yahoo Answers and answer the questions of other users that are related to your business. Don’t forget to leave the info about your company website link.

At the same time talk to your fans via your social media profiles. Ask them what they plan to do on the weekend, what would they add to your products, what are their thoughts about the recent news. Thus you’ll get a chance to understand better your audience and your customers’ needs.

Add Humor into Your Social Feed

Repost popular viral content. Follow the latest trends and share viral posts from time to time. It’s already proven that such content can boost your social engagement. Just don’t exaggerate! If you post only viral content of other companies, you’ll lose your individuality and your awareness.

Of course, you can’t watch YouTube every day or follow all Twitter accounts. But there’s BuzzSumo that does this job and display top trending content from all social networks. So just create an account and monitor what’s hot in your business industry and share it.

Encourage Audience to Do What You Want

A call-to-action is a simple and easy-to-understand instruction that tells your customers how you want them to react to your post. Whenever you place an ad or a regular post, you can ask your followers to do a particular action. The call-to-action is usually placed at the end of your story. The most used ones are read more, please share, buy now, subscribe now, and click here, and so on.

By the way, recently Twitter has announced that now users can use up to 280 characters in one tweet. So don’t miss a chance to spread more info about your company in this social network. It’d be great to add related pic or even a pic with a call-to-action to attract people’s attention to your tweet if they search them by a hashtag.

Check what call-to-action works better for your posts.

Reward Most Loyal Followers

Almost every brand has a couple of loyal customers who adore the brand and so their best to spear the info about it. They bring new clients, answer other users’ questions about the brand, comment your posts. You can thank your loyal fans for what they do.

Regular giveaways and contests where you present your fans with your products or other items for free is a great way to make people speak about your brand and get more devoted fans. If you want to automate giveaways and contests, you can try

Here are most simple ways that you can use to increase social engagement on your company website. Feel free to try them and share your experience or other ways you apply in comments.


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