The Best Ways to Check Over a Used Car Before Buying It

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Buying a used car should be an exciting experience as there is nothing quite like getting behind the wheel of a new vehicle, but many motorists are daunted by the used car market. This is understandable, as you constantly see stories of scams, fraudulent sellers and unsafe cars being sold.

If you are seeking guidance, here are a few tips for checking out a used car before making a purchase.

Reliable Dealer

First, you should always buy a used car from a recognised and reputable seller. Private sellers may offer lower prices, but this can be risky as you have no consumer protection. Instead, visit a used car dealer like Motorpoint and you benefit from added protection, a wide range and possibly even finance or part-exchange options.

Examination & Test Drive

You should never purchase a vehicle without seeing it in person or taking it for a test drive. Organise a trip down to the dealership to look over the automobile and take it for a spin – there is helpful information on how to do this online. If possible, bring somebody along with you for a spare set of eyes and extra knowledge. It is also wise to examine the automobile in daylight where you can clearly see the condition of the bodywork.

Vehicle History Check

It can be easy to examine the automobile and take it for a spin, but it is impossible to know about the car’s history simply by looking at it. It is this reason why it is vital that you get a vehicle history check carried out – this will indicate if it has outstanding finance, has previously been written off, is recorded as stolen etc. A history check is the first line of defence against used car scams and will provide peace of mind. It should come with the MOT history, but if not, be sure to obtain this too.

Mechanic Examination

Before moving forward with the purchase, it is worth hiring a mechanic to examine the automobile. This will ensure that the car is in good condition and roadworthy, that it will not breakdown shortly after driving away and give you confidence going into the purchase.

These are the best ways to check over a used car and should allow you to shop with confidence. It can be daunting to enter the used car market, but the above steps will help you to find what you are looking for and avoid unsafe and/or illegal cars.

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