How to Apply for a Car Loan if You are A Student?

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Student life sucks? Yeah, tell us about it. This is rather an interesting phase, and it has its shortcomings, but we all enjoy it. It gives us a pretty good idea about life and helps us to transit into thepractical world. Nothing teaches us better management like it.

Speaking of which, if you need a car but you are still pursuing your studies. Don’t worry; we have you covered!

Save for Advance

Remember, you are a student, not a job seeker, and you have to join society soon. Therefore, you can’t have the good word for financial stability. But it doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance of getting a car on loan. You get a loan if you save a down payment at first.

You have to be disciplined when you take important financial decisions as they can affect your life. In case you need your car desperately, you need to commit, and make some sacrifices.

You need to find a vehicle, the loan option and save at least 20% of the down payment. Doing so will also lower your interest rate.

Work on a Steady Income

You have to work on establishing a steady income before you apply for a car loan. Not having a steady income stream is a downfall for many students. It is understandable that you will have a hard time getting a good job during your college.

You won’t get a corporate job at this time, get over it. But this doesn’t mean you should give up. Instead, you should opt for a freelancing gig. Yes, become a freelancer and earn money for your car.

Have Co-Signer

You can easily get your car loan approved if you have a co-signer with you. Let’shope; the co-signer has a proper job and good credit score who will take responsibility if something goes south. The co-signor will be responsible if your loan falls short.

Having someone at your side will help you get your loan approved with a better interest rate.

Search Like Hell

There are many lenders offering car loans to students. Therefore, it is in your best interest to search your options before you sign the deal. Credit unions offer a great interest rate, but you will find much better options if you try your luck online.


You may not like this idea at first, but at some point, you have to consider refinancing your loan. If you were making your payments properly, and you have proven yourself while improving credit score, you can ask the lender to lower your interest rate.

If you do everything properly, there is a great chance you will have a lower interest rate with continuous monthly payments.

Consider Other Expenses

You have to mind other expenses when it comes to anauto loan, log onto for a good idea. You may need to get some work done on your car, a new paint job, some mods or repair. This money will come out of your pocket. So, you have to prepare in advance.

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