Three essential items for your home garage

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If you have are thinking of setting up a home garage, or looking for some new ideas for the one you already have; here are some essential items you need to include.

SPX Power Team Slide Hammer Pullers

Slide hammer pullers from SPX Power Team make previously difficult removal of bushings, bearings, sleeves and other friction-fitted parts from blind holes a straight-forward task. A slide hammer or blind bearing puller is perfect for reaching the smaller, trickier fittings. SGS engineering have a massive range of hammer pullers, so you can find something specific to your requirement whether domestic or professional.

Tool Chests, Cabinets, Bags & Boxes

One of the first things you should do before setting up your home garage is make sure you have good storage to put everything. SGS’s range of high quality tool chests & cabinets, including everything from great value models for the home workshop through to professional tool cabinets and a professional mechanic’s tool chest are a great place to start. Unlike other tool chests, their drawers use roller bearings rather than inferior sliders for a super smooth drawer action and come with non-slip drawer liners to protect your tools. View SGS’s Tool Chest Selection Guide for help choosing the right tool chest for you. Whether you’re looking for a mechanic’s tool chest or something for personal use, you’ll find it.

Air Compressor Hoses & Air Hose Reels

One of the most useful things you want to be able to do in your home garage is quickly fill your tyres with air when you have a flat. SGS have a great range of compressed air hoses and reels, from home use light ones to more heavy-duty air pressure hoses for industrial applications. The air hoses and reel sets SGS offer can be applied to their range of air compressors, and can be adapted to the one you already have, using the couplers/adaptors we also have available. Need help choosing the right air hose? You can check out SGS’s detailed How to Choose the Perfect Air Hose guide. You’ve never have to make that annoying drive to the garage again to fill your tyres when you have your own air compressor in your home garage.

These three items are a great starting point if you are just assembling your home garage and essential additions if you already have one.

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