What Are The Best Job Sites for 2018?

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Jobhunters: here is your list of online resources for 2018. Whether you’re starting out fresh from college, looking for that next step up, or changing your career, you need to go no further.

I’ve researched and tested the best job sites out there, identified the best five, and selected a winner.

Even if you are not sure about changing jobs, it’s always a good idea to know your options.

Looking for the best job sites online can be quite a hassle, with thousands of websites claiming to offer the largest collection of job posts from the best employers. There are specific websites for people from specific industries, like IT, medicine and engineering and some even target specific regions, claiming to offer specialized recruitment support.

But which website is the one for you? Before we discuss that, it is important to note that while job-hunting you should never limit yourself to just one website. Limiting yourself to just one or a couple of websites would mean that you might be missing many opportunities that are available on other top rated websites. Some websites post jobs directly from employers while others run as job search engines, providing job posts from various sources. Additionally, some premium employers have contracts with exclusive websites and you will only be able to find their job listings there. I recommend that you try out at least a few websites to see which one works the best for you.

My choice on the top 5 best job sites is now up…

  1. Indeed.com

Often rated as the number one job search website, Indeed.com offers a fast, clutter free platform to users who want to find job listings quickly. Indeed allows users to search for millions of job listings from thousands of websites, newspapers, blogs, job boards, company websites and associations that are an exact or similar match of your search query. It is more like the Google for job hunters.

One cool feature about Indeed is that you can save your searches as email alerts, meaning that new job listings are automatically emailed you every day. You can also select the frequency of these alerts as many people do not like being annoyed daily and a weekly notification is good enough for them. The website can be accessed online as well as via dedicated mobile apps available on iOS and Android. The app is very neat and allows you to search for local jobs using your device’s GPS. Within a few clicks, you can apply for the job of your dreams right from your smartphone.

The entire website is extremely user-friendly, unclutter and seamless to navigate. For some, that can be the downside, as the website can seem a little plain and boring; but I think the simplicity adds to the ease of use. The “job search engine” model is particularly helpful because it essentially fetches important job listings from all around the web, saving you the time and effort.

Applying for jobs on the website is quite easy and you have the option to either apply for the job or directly contact the company. Moreover, there are many search filters available, making sure that you get a much-targeted search result. In fact, since the website shows countless new searches each day, I advise that you narrow down your results for a less overwhelming job search. You can use job keyword(s), location, title, salary, company or type (full-time, part-time, etc.) in the search fields along with advanced features to further refine your results.

Just like any other job search website, Indeed allows you to upload your resume to be able to easily access and submit it for job posts from any device. It also helps recruiters look for you. Indeed also provides the “Build Your Own Resume” feature that helps you build a resume in the website by directly entering your career data into the available fields. I find these resume builders to be time consuming and the result does not feel that professional, but it might be something of interest to you. You can directly upload your resumes in DOC, DOCX, PDF, TXT, HTML or RTF formats.

Indeed.com has a search button available for Google Toolbar and job search plugins for Firefox browser, though I do not personally find it that important as you can simply book the website for quick access anyways. The website features links to career discussion forums, RSS feed information and job trend statistics.

  1. CareerBuilder

Another huge job site is CareerBuilder, claimed to be the largest job search website based in the U.S. Partnered with over 140 newspapers, CareerBuilder provides local and national job listings. The website also powers other career sites for over 1000 companies and some of the leading portals like MSN ad AOL.

With presence in over 60 markets in the U.S., Canada, South America, Europe and Asia and more than a whopping 24 million job seekers visiting the website each month, CareerBuilder is a must-go-to website for all job hunters.

Another professional looking website, you can search CareerBuilder by industry, company, job category or location (city, state and zip code). There is also an advanced search feature that helps users narrow down the searches by salary, education, employment type and date listed. The website also allows you to exclude certain keywords, companies and job title that do not interest you and just like Indeed.com, there is the option to set job alerts that are sent directly to your inbox. Moreover, CareerBuilder also uses some search intelligence to recommend you jobs that you might otherwise overlook.

The website is intelligent in a way that once you upload your resume there; it will show you job listings that match your education and experience. There is also a cool salary calculator feature that helps you understand how much pay you can negotiate. Each user has his/her own personalized account in which s/he can save job searches, resumes as well as cover letters.

You can upload your resume and cover letter from your device, Google Drive as well as Dropbox and the website accepts DOC, DOCX, TXT, ODT, WPS, PDF or RDF formats, up to 1000kb. CareerBuilder does not accept scanned documents or images but that is not a big loss. Users also have the option to upload up to three cover letters and resumes.

Employers can also contact you directly, based on the career fields that you have marked of interest to you. There is an option where you can decide who can view your resume for added security and privacy. The account allows users to track when their applications are viewed and see the overall competition for the job post.

The website has an Explore Career Tool that provides relevant data and insights for job seekers. This allows users to get salary information against job titles as well as insight into the relevant skills required for a specific position. Some of the areas of insights include:

  • Salary ranges for various jobs
  • Salaries in a specific job compared to the industry average
  • Occupations that pay for overtime
  • Geographic locations with the most employment opportunities
  • Standout and core skills needed for a specific job
  • Typical education level required

CareerBuilder also has official mobile apps available on iOS and Android. Both versions of the app are decent and minimize the need for you to apply for jobs using your computer.

  1. Glassdoor

This is not a just a job listing site; it is one of the best employer research tools there is.

You can never know enough about your potential future employers before you are interviewed by them, and certainly before joining them – and that is where Glassdoor is the market leader. This is your one-stop for the biggest collection of company reviews by none other than former and current employees. Based on these reviews, you get to see company ratings, salary info, competitor’s info, CEO approval ratings and other company information that can help you in making your decision.

Users are able to share reviews in real-time and anonymously for any employer. The website is also great at helping you prepare for interviews – there are lists of real interview questions for specific companies and job titles submitted by the company employees. Glassdoor is surprisingly effective in helping you get inside information, helping you weigh-up their pros and cons. Just like any other job search site, it allows you to search for jobs and has a very clear, well laid out structure. You will be able to see the company’s rating along with the job post. Users can upload their resumes in the standard DOC, DOCX, PDF and TXT formats.

Glassdoor allows you to preview basic information even without registering with them. However, for the “good stuff” to be accessible, you need to create a free account. There is a “Know Your Worth” feature on the website, that helps you get a free personalized salary estimate, depending on your industry, education and work experience.

However, my favorite section on Glassdoor has to be the Interview Questions and Reviews – this is a goldmine for all job seekers out there looking to ace interviews. This section will help you prepare yourself, based on the difficulty level of the questions asked in the interview at the same company, shared by employees and candidates. You can find a variety of information covering the job specific questions at a company. Things covered in this section include:

  • Interview Questions – The type of questions asked during an interview along with the insights on the response given by the candidate.
  • How The Candidate Was Contacted For Interview – This covers the details on how the candidate was successful in securing an interview, such as online application, third party recruiter, employee referral, etc.
  • Rating Interview – Candidates rate whether the interview was positive or negative, easy or difficult.
  • Interview Process – The complete details of the length of the entire interview process (days, weeks, months) and all that was included as part of this process (telephonic interview, skill test, panel interview or one on one, background checks, etc.)
  • Outcome of the Interview – Did the candidate get the job after the interview. Whether the candidate accept or decline the offer, along with reasons for the decision.
  • Benefits and Compensations – Whether or not the candidate get a negotiated offer, and what advice would s/he give to others who find them in a similar situation.

Glassdoor has a fantastic blog section and has a dedicated mobile app available on iOS and Android.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become the online directory for individual professions and organizations to connect, network and collaborate. It has taken over as one of the most effective places for job hunters to get their next gig. The platform has millions of members, spread across 200 countries and includes executives from all of the Fortune 500 companies. This social media platform for professionals is very easy to get started with.

There are quite a few membership plans, including the free Basic account and the Premium account that branches out into “Career”, “Hiring”, “Business” and “Sales.” I think job seekers can do a lot with the basic account even though the Premium account has some benefits to it. In the basic account, users can avail features such as profile creation, messaging, and applications for jobs. However, in the Premium Account, you get to contact recruiters directly and get insight into your competition, helping you understand your chances.

Unlike any other job site, LinkedIn is a full-blown social media platform with dedicated mobile apps on iOS and Android. A massive billboard, LinkedIn allows you to highlight your unique value. Be sure to have recruiters look you up on LinkedIn, making it critical for a modern job seeker to have an awesome profile there.

Each profile features a dedicated summary, where you can highlight your key skills and have the first impact. Like any social media platform, it is important to connect with your peers on LinkedIn, however, these will be very different peers – they will be your colleagues and team members, past employers and bosses, your teachers and coaches.

There is an “endorsement section” where your connections can endorse you for your skills relevant to your industry. This helps potential recruiters get an idea of your expertise, as viewed by your connections. My favorite feature on LinkedIn is the “Recommendations” section. This section allows you and your current and past colleagues and employers to write a nice, personal testimonial about you as a professional. Not only do these recommendations look good, they also stamp your worth in the eyes of potential recruiters (especially is your recommendation is from someone important like the company CEO).

You can also add your digital certifications in the form of badges, such as the Google Adwords certification, which is also validated digitally, minimizing the need to keep any physical proof. Applying for jobs on LinkedIn is easy and you either have the option applying with your profile (which is more like a mini resume) or with an attached resume. While there is no option to save your resume on LinkedIn, your profile covers the major part of any resume. Companies do post many jobs on the website – some having the quick “Easy Apply” option in which you apply straight on LinkedIn, while others redirect you to the company website to finish the process.

All companies on LinkedIn have their dedicated company profiles, mentioning the company details such as a company summary, location, staff strength and services offered, along with contact details and any jobs posted by them. You can follow any company to get their updates in your timeline. You can also follow “LinkedIn Influencers”, who are modern influencers such as Richard Branson and stay up-to-date with all that they are doing, professionally.

Having connections is the key to success on LinkedIn. You can find suggestions for connections as well as get your mobile to sync with the LinkedIn mobile app to suggest people you would like to follow. Even though, just like with all other social media platforms, there are many scammers on LinkedIn, it continues to become a preferred platform for individuals to find their dream jobs and connect with relevant professionals.


  1. Monster.com – the best job site for 2018

Monster.com is one of the all-time greats for job hunters and recruiters. Established in 1999 in the U.S., this online job boards giant is also one of the oldest websites in the business and has subsidiary websites such as Monster Gulf, Monster Singapore, Monster.co.uk and Monster India along with many others. Jobs on Monster range from all categories to all career fields imaginable. Monster.com allows its users to post their resumes, get career advice as well as useful company information and salary insight.

There are separate sections on the website for employers and employees. There is also an innovative feature on Monster that posts job listings for employers in its own social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

You can search for jobs on Monster.com by keywords, location, job titles and skills. Users registered with the website can set up notifications to receive emails on any new listings that meet their search criteria, meaning more results with lesser effort. Users have the option of a variety of specialized searches, such as healthcare, legal and finance and there are options for hourly jobs as well as part-time and permanent (full-time).

Users have to upload their resume on the website in standard formats, including DOC, DOCX, PDF and TXT. Once the user uploads his/her resume, s/he can apply for jobs online as well as enable employers to find him/her directly. Applying from smartphones and tablets is effortless, once the resume is up, thanks to the dedicated mobile apps available on iOS and Android.

With Monster’s very own Career Management tools, users can research, explore and compare careers. Users can also research occupations using the career snapshots in which they are able to compare themselves with career benchmarks and explore any career paths with the help of thorough career mapping. Monster also has a dedicated Facebook app called BeKnown, which provides job seekers an easy way to browse for jobs without even leaving Facebook (talk about convenience!). While this app is fully integrated with Facebook, it allows users to keep their personal Facebook info completely private – the reason for the app’s success. BeKnown is great for those of you who want to find professional connections within the friends you already have on Facebook.

There are a variety of career advice resources on Monster that includes blogs, insights into salary information, guidance for job searches and interview tips, resume tips and tricks, networking advice and much more. Often we see job posts requiring some prior experience, making it difficult for novices and fresh graduates to get many opportunities. MonsterCollege targets these people looking for entry-level job listings, voluntary projects in social communities, internships as well as career advice. This subdomain of Monster.com is great for new graduates looking to bag their first jobs, as the website helps them prepare and find recruiting fairs, expos and placements from companies and universities.

These are my top 5 job sites that you need to be active in if you want to start 2018 with a fresh job, possibly a career, at the workplace of your choice. Want more? You can also check other credible websites like US.jobs (specifically for jobs in the U.S.), LinkUp (an alternative job listings search engine), Idealist Careers (volunteer work) and Dice (for IT professionals). And when you’re active in your job search, you’ll need to manage it professionally. My ‘billy-bonus’ website is…

Bonus Site: ConvertJob.Com

This is a free-to-use online tool for managing your job search. It keeps tidy all the info about the jobs you are applying for. No need to maintain clumsy spreadsheets. This tool makes it easy and you can access it from anywhere. I’ve recommended this to a number of my proteges and they love its ease-of-use and simplicity. It’s mobile friendly so you can keep track of your applications at home and on the move.

Let me know in the comments section if there is any other website that you have found more useful. Also, make sure you check our other similar blog posts like How To Make Sure Your Next Job Is the Best Fit and 5 Important Considerations When Changing Your Job. Those looking for freelance work will find this blog on Easy Ways To Find Work As A Freelancer useful.

Happy job hunting!

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