Services You Didn’t Realise Your Business Needed

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Businesses involve a lot of different processes and demand a huge amount of attention from us. A lot of the time you will find that you have a dedicated team for accounting, sales, marketing and for all the legal stuff which comes with the business because these things must be worked on by those who are capable and qualified.

There are however other services within businesses which also need professionals, and these are often services you won’t realise you needed until you come across a certain situation. Here are some of the business services which you probably didn’t realise you needed for your business.


For any company who is thinking about expanding either their customer base overseas or even open up a new office in a different country, translation by LingvoHouse is essential. Although many countries have people who speak fluent English- and chances are everyone will speak our language- you cannot assume. In order to keep people happy and make sure that communication goes as smoothly as possible, getting a translation service or even hiring a member of staff fluent in another language is key.

Virtual Address

For small businesses who are based at home, getting a virtual address is an essential service for your business mail and post- as well as to display on your website so that people cannot see you home address. A virtual address means that all of your parcels and post which are related to the business will be sent to a different place, sorted and organised, and then sent back to you in one installment. It saves the door ringing everyday and disturbing you from work, and also saves you organising your mail.

Virtual Receptionist

If you don’t have the money to create a foyer area in your building for a receptionist, or you don’t have the money to hire a pay for one: you can pay for a virtual receptionist for the business instead. With this service all calls will be redirected to your virtual receptionist and then they can take messages, put calls through to you or arrange appointments and meetings on your behalf.

Social Media Manager

Social media is one of the most important marketing tools which we all need to learn how to utilise to its full extent. It is simply not good enough to post something on all of your social media platforms and expect to receive followers and grow your audience in this way. You need to learn how to create, adjust and post promotions, how to analyse these promotions and how successful they were, learn how to use hashtags in your posts to widen reach, create engaging content on a regular basis. There is a lot of work involved and hiring someone who specialises in this is your best bet to be successful. They will also be able to reach out to influencers and try to widen the company’s reputation in the social world on a deeper level. It takes time to build your social media but it will drag in many more customers if you get it right.

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