5 Tips to keeping your office neat and tidy

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How your office looks can either attract clients or repel them. It is one of those minor things that create lasting perceptions on the quality of your services. That’s why you need to ensure that your office is always in top-notch condition. On top of creating the right impression in the eyes of your office visitors, it also makes you feel good about yourself. The good thing is that keeping your office neat is not a difficult task. There are many top clips to clean your office out there that can help you out. However, to make this task easier for you, let’s look at 5 tips to keeping your office neat and tidy.

  1. Cut down on paper usage

Bill Gates once said that too much paper in an office is usually a sign of administrative inefficiency. Take his advice and increase your efficiency by cutting out paperwork. Whenever possible, do most of your tasks through the computer. For instance, rather than using paper sticky notes, use e-sticky notes that come with all major operating systems. This will significantly cut down on paperwork in your office and make it tidier and more appealing to the eye. You will be surprised at how much sticky notes and other unnecessary paperwork dis-organize your office.

  1. Clean out your desk as often as possible

Ever wondered why your office desk gets untidy and disorganized in spite of your best efforts to clean it out every few days? Well that’s because unnecessary papers and other debris pile up over time. The paper you used yesterday and no longer need, becomes unnecessary trash today. That’s why you need to always get rid of unnecessary items on a day-to-day basis. Any item that you used today and is no longer useful should be discarded immediately. You will be surprised at how tidy your office will become, despite dealing with papers and other daily use items all the time.

  1. Make use of the scanner

Sometimes the office environment involves dealing with paperwork that you simply can’t discard. Well, to avoid having such papers clutter your office, make use of a scanner. Scan such documents and store them in soft copy, then keep the originals away from the office desk. This way, you eliminate the need to keeps loads of unnecessary pieces of paper on the desk. Besides, scanning such documents also allows you to take better care of them, since they are not exposed to daily office hazards such as liquids spillage.

  1. Throw away all items you are not you need

Part of the reason why people end up with untidy desks is because they pile up pieces of paper that they think they might need in the future. To declutter your office desk and keep it neat, go through all the documents you have and rate them based on importance. If there are documents that you aren’t sure you will ever need, throw them in the trash bin. You will surprised at how much paper you have on your desk that has very little utility.

  1. Have an office cleaning day

To help keep your office desk clean, set aside one day per week to clean the office. You can schedule this for the weekend or any other day of the week that is usually not busy. This cleaning should be on top of regular janitorial services, as a normal office space with multiple people generally needs a bit more regular upkeep. Your employer should already have staff in place from a regular provider – Ideal Cleaning, for example, are able to provide cleaning services every day if that is required, and often for a busy working environment that’s very important.

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