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If you’re the caring type, then you might be thinking about training for a healthcare career. It’s a natural way to make your living when you like looking after others, after all. Many people have a misconception that, unless you’re a doctor, you’re poorly paid when working in healthcare, but this could not be further from the truth. Although there are, for sure a lot of low paying healthcare-related jobs, there are some very highly paid ones too…


Being a pharmacist might not seem like the most caring of roles, but it really is. Not only are you tasked with ensuring that patients get the right amount of medication, but you also have to make sure that it is safe for them, and you get to help them out with lots of more minor complaints, so that they don’t have to wait around for a doctor’s appointment, and you know what? Being a pharmacist pays pretty well. The average pharmacist makes £34,507 annually in the UK, but if you run your own business and you have good pharmaceutical market access, you can easily make more here, and especially in places like the US where you could make as much as $121,000! It’s certainly something to think about.


If you care just as much about animals as your fellow humans, then getting into the vet business could boost your bank balance by around £31,500 when you qualify and you could be making £10,000 more than that with a few years’ experience under your belt. If you opt to set up your own business, well you could be doing even better than that, and since we’re a nation of animal lovers you’ll never have to worry about going out of business!


Every year, a quarter of the population will face a mental health problem and many of them will need to see a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists do a great job of helping people overcome their mental health issues, and get to grips with a whole host of issues from anxiety to sexual abuse, which means they are very important to our society,which is why they are well rewarded; if you train to be one, you could earn on average £36- 70,000 in the NHS depending on your experience, role and grade, and possibly much more in the private sector. Should you decide to emigrate, you could make $186,000 in the US and $179,000 in Australia, again depending on experience.


Your teeth are important. If you have bad teeth, you don’t just look less attractive than you otherwise might, but your whole-body health suffers as a result. So, working as a dentist is a really good way to care for people. It’s also a pretty good way to make money with the average dentist taking home between £38,095 – £81,480 and £75,249 – £101,451 for specialist services. In th4e US, you could earn $172,000 on average, and around $119,000 in Australia.

As you can see, caring can pay – it’s just a matter of choosing your job well and perhaps also choosing the optimum place to practice!

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