How DevOps Could Benefit Your Business

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DevOps is a recent phenomenon which is swiftly becoming a talked about buzzword in the world of operations and development. It is, essentially, the bringing together of philosophies, practices and tools in order to accelerate any given organisation’s ability to develop applications and services. Here are some of the main advantages of this.

Highly Skilled Teams

DevOps works by bringing together people of different skills and talents (in relation to development and operations) to work in collaboration. This means that the members of such a team become skilled in many different areas, with development and operations departments often merged together to form one cohesive, effective team.

The end product is often of a higher quality as a result, and can come to fruition much faster compared to projects which do not apply DevOps practices. The DevOps teams are likely to continue to develop their skills and become a truly innovative, unique part of the company.

Continuous Software Development

Since applying DevOps practices speeds up the process of development, software can be continuously worked on and improved to ensure it is the best it can possibly be before it goes on the market.

This means that cutting edge software is likely to be produced at a faster rate, allowing companies using DevOps practices to become industry leaders in their fields. It also means that new software can be built on and improved at a much faster rate, allowing for it to become a much better product in the future.

Faster Business Growth

Since software developments are likely to come to the market much faster as a result of DevOps, companies can benefit from the potential for increased sales and constant, swift innovation happening on a daily basis in the DevOps team.

This has the potential to stimulate faster business growth if it does achieve more sales and interest in the company. More sales leads to more money for reinvestment, which could in turn lead to larger DevOps teams and much more efficient day to day operations in the company as a result.

The opportunities for communication and collaboration which DevOps provides are undoubtedly one of the greatest benefits which this practice facilitates. Through DevOps, a company can revitalise its internal processes and make sure that the software it develops is truly outstanding. As a result, those who employ the practice can be sure that they are making the most of their resources and forging a pathway of innovation for the foreseeable future.

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