Start Having More Fun With Your Marketing

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Marketing is a must for businesses of all sizes and types, so there’s absolutely no point in making it a task that you hate dealing with. Why not have more fun with your marketing? Think outside the box, get creative, and enjoy the process of spreading your brand message. Here’s how you can get started!

Do Things That Are Unexpected

Doing things that are unexpected will make your brand seem more fun – your customers and audience will think of you in a better light. Think about your customer’s day and aim to make them smile. Many probably have days just like you. Busy, too many emails, you know the gist. To create a meaningful brand, aim to interject their day with some humour or something they won’t quite expect.

Have a Sense Of Humor

Don’t take yourself so seriously and make your marketing tactics lighthearted and interesting.

You can do this in any industry – software, industrial equipment, you name it. These industries can seem boring to people who aren’t in them. Aim to make yours fun!

Try New Marketing Channels

Don’t ever stop experimenting with marketing channels to see what works for you. For example, you could use radio adverts, audiobooks, and podcasts. Try everything you can think of and monitor your results. For these types of things, you’ll need somebody like Sam Devereaux Voice Over Artist who can bring personality to each platform. Make sure you think about and cover the smallest detail so that your efforts are everything they need to be.

Use Fun Puns

You can use fun puns just about everywhere – email subheadings, on social media platforms, blog titles, and more. They could even make news headlines if you do them right!

Become A Parody

Think carefully about your job or industry and what annoys you. Then use this information to create fun parody materials that will make people laugh. For example, stereotyping marketing videos if you’re in the marketing industry. Poke fun and lighten the mood!

Celebrate The Good Times

Make sure you are a brand that celebrates the good times and makes your audience feel good. You want to get involved on customer birthdays, sending out emails and giving out discounts.

You can even celebrate milestones like your anniversary. Send out a ‘happy anniversary to us, here’s a discount!’ email.

Keep An Eye On The Celebs

Celebrities are always in the public eye, so keep an eye on them and see if you can relate them to your business in some way. For example, when Jennifer Lawrence had her hair cut, many hairdressers jumped on the pixie cut bandwagon and used her to get business. They created demonstration videos, styling tip content, and more.

When you begin having more fun with your marketing, it’s going to shine through. Your audience will enjoy it far more and you’ll likely get more results. It’ll also say something about your personality as a brand!

Do you have any tips to have more fun with marketing? Leave them below.

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