Where You’re Going Wrong with In-Store Advertising

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You are already halfway there… you have managed to entice people inside of your store. But the hard work does not stop here. You now need to encourage them to purchase your products. To do this, your in-store advertising needs to make a positive impression. Read on to find out where you may be going wrong.

  1. You don’t use a variety of display methods – Advertising is not only about special offers or the posters you display in your store. It is also about showing your products off in the best possible manner. The only way to do this is with a variety of display methods. From slatwall panels to transparent display cubes, there are so many different options available to you, so make the most of them and ensure you are using the right display methods to show off your items to full effect.
  2. Your checkout area is empty – If your checkout area does not contain any items that are available for sale, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. This is one of the best ways to market in-store. When a customer gets to the checkout, they don’t have very long to decide whether to buy an item or not. This often leads to impulse buys, which is why it is a good idea to have some of your smaller and lower priced products at the checkout. If a customer sees something they like, it is likely that they will throw it into the basket with all of the other stuff they are buying.
  3. You aren’t keeping your employees happy – If your employees are miserable, then your customers aren’t going to enjoy the experience of shopping in your store, and this can make them navigate to the exit signs quicker than they otherwise would have. If your employees don’t feel valued, they will have no motivation to make your customers feel valued. If you focus on employee engagement, it’s likely that you will reap the results.
  4. You only engage one or two senses – When advertising in-store, it is important to engage all of the senses. Of course, what your store looks like is critical, and it is likely that you have given this a lot of consideration. We are visual creatures after all. However, if this is the only thing you are focusing on, you are missing out on four other chances to engage with potential customers. Make it easy for people to feel and touch your products. This is one advantage you will always have over online shopping, so make the most of it. You also need to consider the music you play, as this can determine the mood in your store. What about smell? There are a number of basic scents that work well in a retail environment, including vanilla, cotton, and lavender.

If you are making any of the four mistakes that have been mentioned above, you could be missing out on a substantial number of sales. Luckily, these are issues that can easily be fixed, and so by making a few tweaks you should notice a difference.

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