Why Every Business Needs and IT Department

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The IT department is one which is sometimes overlooked by business start-ups, but it is a crucial part of running a successful business online in this day and age. With the rise of the digital age, having a department dedicated to your software and hardware just makes sense.

The way you handle you IT needs depends on the size of your business and number of employees, you could opt to outsource IT support from Prosyn, or hire a few members of staff to handle it all in-house.

Data Management

Think back to ten years ago. You will have probably had a whole room in your office building dedicated to files and documents. Most of your filing work and important data would be written down and filed in a box. However, today the way we handle our affairs is somewhat different. Rather than storing our files in a cupboard, we keep in on a secure server. In order to make sure that your server is totally secure and safe from hackers, you need to have a team dedicated to looking after your servers and monitoring any changes which could cause a leak in data.

SPAM Emails

You all know the ones, it’s those emails which pop up from an unknown sender saying ‘OPEN ME NOW! URGENT!’ and of course, even though most people will know straight away that it’s spam, there will be one person who opens it. Once a virus has entered your system, the only line of defence you have is the IT department. Let them protect against spammy emails and prevent you from being the subject of a hack.

Handling Accounts and Communication

Email is the primary form of communication in this day and age. The IT department are the ones who are responsible to creating email accounts for the business, setting up new users and making sure permissions are correct. If you ever have issues with the emails, who are you going to call? We’ll give you a hint, it’s not the Ghostbusters.

Admin Rights

Every company will have data which not everyone should have access to. It could be sensitive financial information, client details or even information on employees. The IT department will be able to create levels of permission for certain files, meaning that only authorised personnel can access certain information.

Securing the environment

Computers are the foundation of every office, and the computer systems you have in place are only there thanks to the people who work in the IT department. It is the IT department’s responsibility to budget for machines, monitors and equipment for every employee in the workplace. Some workers such as marketing and graphics workers may require more than one monitor for their work, and the IT department will provide that. Their job is to make sure that all computer systems are updated regularly and working as efficiently as possible. This means that when your PC starts to run a little slow and struggles to cope with the workload, you need to let them know so that they can take a look and replace the machine if needed.

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