The Industries Worth Investing In Right Now

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As an entrepreneur, you’re probably always looking for a new and exciting investment opportunity. Even if you aren’t an entrepreneur, you might be interested in trying to make a bit of extra cash out of some very wise investments.

But before you do place your cash in some investments, it’s a good idea to do your research into the best industries for your money. As markets fluctuate all the time, it’s important that you follow various industries to see which ones are performing particularly well at the minute. Sound like too much work for you? Don’t worry – I’ve done some research for you and think that these are some of the best industries to invest your money into right now.

Healthcare Services For The Elderly

If you read the newspapers on a regular basis, you will already know that we live in an aging world. There are a lot more old people compared to younger people, and this is taking its toll on medical services as a whole. The elderly require a lot more focused and specific care compared to the younger generations, and many healthcare services across the country are finding it difficult to keep up with this demand. As a result, more and more businesses that offering specific healthcare services for the elderly are entering the market. As there is a big demand for them, these companies are particularly lucrative at the minute, and it looks like they will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

Virtual Reality

In 2016, we saw virtual reality break into mainstream gaming as many games companies were incorporating it into their new games. This industry is currently extremely strong as a result, and it looks like its good fortunes will continue to pay off for the next couple of years. In fact, some experts believe that this particular industry could grow to a very impressive $24.5 billion by 2020. So, you will certainly be in profit if you buy a slice of this pie right now!

Medical Treatments

Pharmaceuticals have always been very profitable businesses, and those that are researching new medical treatments and preventative methods are doing very well right now. If you take a look at websites like, you will see that these types of businesses are making impressive steps and breakthroughs on a regular basis. This is making them even more profitable, as well as doing a lot of good for society on a whole. It’s worth investing in these companies when they are in the very early stages of their research and trials – once they make their big breakthrough, their share prices usually go through the roof!

Medicinal Marijuana

Ever since some of the USA’s states legalized the use of medicinal marijuana just a few years ago, this industry has been going through a boom time. There are many outlets offering quality products, such as Finest Labs. In fact, the American government has been doing particularly well out of this as well as the legalization has brought in millions of dollars in taxes. As this is still a relatively new industry, though, you might want to watch how it goes over the next few years as some new industries tend to level off once they aren’t so new.

Translation Services

We live in a very multicultural world these days, and thanks to technologies like the Internet, people who live on the other side of the world are a lot easier to contact and do business with. Because of this, translation services are massively in demand. More and more cultures with different languages are living together and businesses are now understanding that they need to be able to appeal to people who speak various languages in order to stay profitable. They can do that by using translation services. So, if you invest in the translation industry, you will find that your money starts to grow as the world becomes even more multicultural and a lot closer together.


Companies that specialize in new technologies are always a good bet when it comes to investments. One of the latest techs that is proving to be a nice little moneymaker is the drone industry. This is an emerging global market, so you will be able to choose to invest in companies from around the world. Thanks to their impressive range of applications, drones are being considered by various companies, including some major international firms, as mentioned on However, there is an alternative way you can invest in drones – rather than investing in the companies that use them, you should invest in the firms that make their component parts. As long as drones are being used, so will these companies!

Green Industries

As each year goes by, it seems that the signs of climate change and global warming are becoming more and more apparent. Thankfully, there are now lots of companies who are working tirelessly to try and help society rely less on the fuels and energies that cause these environmental problems. There are also many businesses that are trying to create alternatives. Both forms of this industry are doing well well right now, and their current investors are seeing some impressive returns on their cash. And, as more and more companies are now starting to use green energies and fuels in their day to day processes, these green industries are going to go from strength to strength over the next few years.

Water Treatment

We, as a species, are always going to need water to survive, so there really is no wonder that water treatment industries are performing consistently well. The companies in this industry specialize in treating water so that it is clean enough for the population to drink and use. They also work to help bring water systems and clean water to those who live in remote and very rural areas of the world.

So, which of the above industries do you think you will invest in? Just remember to do your homework and carry out plenty of research before you do commit to one, though!

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