Five Elements to Understand if You Want to Master Chemistry

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How to learn chemistry? There are 5 elements that make you successful to learn chemistry. Chemistry is a subject that is studied with physics. However, it is important to remember that the two subjects are very different. With this in mind, we are able to differentiate and identify the best methods in each study technique. Here are some tips and techniques to learn chemistry.

Learn Before Signing In Class

This technique encourages students to learn the lessons before going to class so that students can follow and understand the lessons well. That way, students are able to think of new things related to the lesson and can even ask questions if anything is lacking. If followed, this method is able to make students can understand almost all the subject matter well without the need to bother to study it again.

Understand, Do not Just Remember!

William James says, “The essence of genius is to know what to ignore.” We do not have to swallow all the subject matter one by one; we have to be selective on what we learn. When learning, we must focus on understanding concepts rather than memorizing in detail. So, it should be understood that understanding can make matter last longer “stuck” in our heads than memorizing. If you only use the technique memorize, of course after 2-3 days you will forget the knowledge.

Use Flashcard

How to flashcard is to write the chemical symbols, chemical formula or scientific words that are difficult to remember on a card or study sheet. Interpreting all these concepts correctly is the key to your success in learning chemistry. Although this seems a small effect, but a large number of students fail to pass the chemical exam every year because they underestimate the importance of understanding this complex subject. In this way, the ideal learning or flashcard to organize and store any chemical symbols can help you much more to memorize the material.

Use Notes

It is not enough if we just pay attention to it in the classroom and many important things are simply missed. You are wrong to feel able to remember the material without noting it. It needs to write everything down and understand by noting all related things. Records organized and stored in an organized way can be easier for you to understand. If you feel one or more problems, you don’t need to worry. Nowadays, there are many helpful resources that provide you help in chemistry online.

Daily Practice

The thing you should never forget in chemical studies is practice. It’s useless to learn everything about chemistry but you never practice, it becomes useless and does not encourage the development of science within you. Test your knowledge with simple chemical tests regularly according to the material you are studying. This method is able to prepare you for the exam and assess your level of understanding. Not only chemistry, in the lessons of biology and physics you are expected to do the appropriate simple practices to get yourself more value in understanding the material.

With these 5 methods, you should get better results if done well. These ways can also increase the effectiveness of your learning time so you do not have to repeatedly learn if there is an exam and your study time can be shortened and the portion of the material is absorbed even more. It is able to correct your own strengths and weaknesses in which part you are suiting and which parts you have not mastered. You do not need to do all those methods, just choose 2 or 3 methods that you think are more suitable for you.

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