Take The Stress Out of an Office Relocation in 5 Simple Steps

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It is well known that relocating your business can sometimes be even more complicated than moving home so good organisation and pre-planning is key. Follow our top five tips on how to make sure your office relocation runs smoothly, stress-free and without any hiccups along the way.

Create A Definitive Time-Line

You should be creating a structured and detailed time-frame before you do anything else. Work backwards from the move date and figure out how to best make sure that everything gets done within a tight, but not too stressful schedule. You want to start packing up the smaller items that are not essential to your team, with the the essential items remaining accessible all the way up to the move date. You need to make sure that your planning will not interrupt the workflow of your team whilst making sure that you are organising and getting as much done as possible before the removal vans arrive.


Getting your staff involved in the movie is really important and each member of your team should be taking responsibility for their own desk and the items on it. Send each member of your staff a checklist of what they need to be packing with advice on how best to organise it. This also gives staff the opportunity to clean up their desks and get rid of anything that they no longer need. You should be carefully monitoring how your team organises all their files and essential work items to make sure that everything is accounted for and nothing gets left behind on the day.

Contact Service Providers and Suppliers

Moving offices may also mean changing suppliers so you need to get in touch with all your service providers and suppliers. Contact them all individually to let them know that you are moving and let them know where you are moving to. It is likely that they will be able to continue working with you in your new location however that is not always a given. So figuring all of this out will mean that you will not suffer any gaps in service waiting for new contract with new or existing suppliers and service provider to get started in your new office premises.

Hire Removal Professionals

Hiring an office removals company is essential. This is just not a job that you can yourself. So look for a trusted and reliable removals company in your local area. You will also need to look into hiring a skip, with a company such as A & M Metals & Waste, to get rid of unwanted office items as you get rid of things that you no longer need. Make sure you look for companies that are one that are tried and tested within your local area and are proved to be reliable and professional.

Create a Layout & Plan For Your New Office

Not only do you need to be focusing on getting your old office organised and packed up but you also need to be preparing your new office so that the transition is as smooth as possible. It’s not easy moving all your office equipment into a new space and knowing how best to make the most of the new space so a little forward planning will go a long way. Think about the placements of desks and furniture and where every employee will be sitting. The more detailed you make your floor plan the easier the move-in day will be.

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