SEO: The Fundamentals Of A Winning Strategy

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In a world where internet success directly equates to actual success, there’s no doubting that integrating SEO into your business strategy is an essential. To that end, there’s plenty of advice online that can help guide you into the right strategy.

The only problem is, they’re not as reliable as one might hope. Sure, you can pick up tips, and you can cobble together a pretty good understanding of SEO from reading through these guides. However, what these guides can’t do is stipulate what actually will or won’t work for your case specifically. Furthermore, no two guides will be alike; methods that one person espouses as essential will be dismissed as unnecessary by another. That can make piecing together an effective strategy incredibly difficult, as you try and assemble the different advice and figure out what’s going to work for you.

In an effort to try and cut through some of the confusion, let’s examine the fundamental rules of SEO. These are the rules that you should find beneficial, regardless of your business type, or your experience. Whether you’ve been doing your own SEO for years or working with a professional agency, it will still benefit you to understand the backbone of SEO principles. What comes after these fundamentals can be tailored to you, but always keep in mind the essentials that you should never stray from. Essentials such as…

1) Mix Your Keyword Length

Short and long tail keywords should both be used if you’re looking to cultivate an effective SEO strategy. If you only use one or the other, then you might have a decent SEO strategy, but you don’t have a comprehensive one. You should be experimenting with the length of keywords in your content so that you are covering all of the bases, rather than relying on a single method to do all the work.

2) Local SEO Is Still Important

As makes clear, understanding the specific intricacies of local SEO is something that takes a lot of time and effort. It’s good to have a general strategy, but even ecommerce businesses can benefit from a local focus. This is all the more important if you have a physical store or offices. While generalised, basic SEO is important, taking the time to corner the niche market is also vital.

3) Useful Content Is King

The phrase “content is king” has been overused so much in SEO circles that it’s now effectively become a cliché. However, the old saying isn’t quite as accurate as its repetition would suggest it is. Your content has to be good, sure, but it has to be useful to the reader. This helps your content capture views, especially in the aftermath of the Google Fred update, which hugely prioritized authoritative and helpful content.

4) Your Site Has To Be Mobile-Friendly

Not much further discussion needed on this; the point speaks for itself! Mobile-optimised sites are a must for 2017, so if you’ve still not ticked this item off your site to-do list, then you’re going to want to rectify that immediately.

SEO is complicated, and different opinions and arguments are common. However, if you ensure you stick to the above fundamentals, you’re not going to go far wrong.

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