How To Make And Distribute Your Own Product

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Deciding to not only create, but distribute your own products is very exciting, although a lot of hard work too. You may think that the process just consists of coming up with an idea and then metaphorically running with it until everything works out – but it’s going to take a lot more than that, like hours and hours of planning, marketing, researching, and learning, and that’s only the first step.

It’s not an easy path to start walking down, but when you do hit the floor and start running, you will see that it was oh so worth it.

Develop the product

Your first step is to develop a product idea that will sell. You need to think about what the purpose of your product is, and why people are going to want to purchase it. You will need to build a prototype so that you can properly show a manufacturer what exactly it is that you want. If your product idea is something rather unique and unseen, then you’ll want to file for a patent so that no other companies are able to try and steal your idea.

Test the market

It is so important to keep checking in with your potential target audience throughout the process of developing your product to make sure that it works for people how you had imagined. A great place to start is with your family and friends. Ask them for their honest opinion and take notes. If they have any concerns or problems that they find with your idea – listen to them. It’s better to know now, than when you have finalised everything.

Find your buyers

Do as much research as you possibly can about your target audience. What area do they live in, how much do they make on average, do they have a family, are they active on social media, etc. These may sound like rather personal bits of information, but they all play into the final outcome of your sales. If your buyers are businesses, learn about what kind of companies need your product and why.

Building your storage facility

Once you have finalised the product and you know exactly how you want it to be manufactured and stored, you will need a warehouse to keep your products safe until they are due to be shipped out. There are companies like that offer bespoke services by building you your own unique storage space according to your specifications – make sure they’re properly weatherproof and will withstand a battering from harsh climate conditions. The last thing you need is for your inventory to be wiped out by a freak storm. Make sure it complies with fire and building regulations – for your sake more than anything else. Once that’s done you don’t have to worry about mass production before you have your own storage to keep everything.

Write a marketing plan

Now all you should have left to do is the marketing. This is a very important stage because without marketing; no one will know who you are or what you’re selling. There are so many different ways that you can market your product – one popular option being through social media. The world we live in is a virtual one nowadays, ruled by Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, so if you’re able to post interesting enough content to cause a stir, you’ll be one step closer to making a sale. You can find out how to do that on

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