5 Ways to Drop Jaws at Your Business’s First Public Appearance

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Making a public appearance marks an important date for your business. It will be the first time you show yourself to the public and it’s going to be the first time they have a chance to speak with you or representatives of your company. First impressions mean everything in business and unless you knock it out of the park, you’re going to fall back into obscurity until you get your next big shot. Whether your first public appearance is at a well-known trade show or just a stall in a local market, here are five ways to drop jaws and make yourself stand out from the rest of the competition.

  1. Remember that first impressions are everything

It can’t be stressed enough, but first impressions really are everything in business. Before you even decide to go to a trade show or make a public appearance, ask yourself why you’re doing it in the first place. If it’s because you want to show off something like a new product, then make sure the initial impressions of that product are absolutely fantastic. Make sure your booth is spotless and well-designed by a professional, and practice speaking so that you don’t make a fool of yourself in front of the media.

  1. Get a demonstration ready

Whether you’re showing off a product or a piece of software, make sure you have a demonstration ready. If you’re showing off a product, make sure you let the crowd touch it, play with it and test it out in various scenarios. If you’re selling a vacuum cleaner, make sure you have multiple surfaces to test it on and a number of different materials to spill onto the floor to show how well it works. If you’re showing off software, then set up several computers and walk your visitors through what it is, how it works and so on.

  1. Bring important members of your company

Never go alone. Bring someone from marketing, someone from your design team and a bunch of technical engineers or senior members that have an in-depth understanding of what the product is. This will make it easier to answer certain questions that the media will have, such as the specs or energy efficiency your electronic devices.

  1. Prepare gifts for your visitors

Don’t let your visitors leave empty-handed. It could be a bunch of sweets, some branded stress toys or even fidget spinners. Make sure you have some promotional products to give to your visitors so they leave with a smile and something to remember you by. If you’re demonstrating a product that can be turned into samples, then produce them and hand them out at your public appearance.

  1. Build excitement on social media

Lastly, we can’t forget social media. It’s the perfect platform to get people talking, and if it’s your first appearance then people are going to pay attention. After all, how many “firsts” does a business really have? Your first public appearance marks an important and special occasion, so make sure people know about it through the internet.

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