Startup Idea: What It Takes To Run A Delivery Service

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So you want to run your own delivery service? This is a very smart idea, especially as times are changing, and people and businesses are getting more and more demanding in terms of having their products arrive at a time and date they have specified. People want things that will save them time and effort, resulting in things being brought right up to their front doorstep as a pose to having to collect it themselves.

Let’s put it this way – the lazier today’s society becomes, the more opportunities there are for delivery services like you. And the best bit? All you need to start out is a phone and a reliable form of transportation and you’re good to go, delivering or picking up pretty much anything that is requested.

Here’s how to start your own delivery service.


First, it’s a good idea to come up with a business plan so you are able to manage and grow your company with ease. Figure out what your goals are, and then note down all different variations of ways you can achieve this, as well as all the financial requirements. As you probably already know, regardless of what business you’re trying to start up, you’re going to need to invest in the tools and equipment needed. For example, a van. But it doesn’t stop there, your van will need endless supplies of fuel to top it up with, so you’ll need to buy some gas oil drums, along with spare tyres, tools, and also some sort of image or logo as well as your contact details plastered over the van as a form of marketing.


You need to have a think about how far out you are willing to go in terms of driving. Do you have boundaries, or are you happy to drive just about anywhere as long as you’re being paid for it? Then comes the cost of that. You need to decide on a price that will make you a profit. When driving, you are essentially in charge of supplying your own fuel as mentioned above. So you should choose a price that covers the full cost of your trip, but then add onto that because you still have to make a profit. Depending on what you offer customers will determine how much you can charge, but if you ask for too much – people will find someone cheaper.


You must advertise your service as much as possible otherwise you’re never going to find any customers, and no customers means no business. Don’t just rely on your word and hope that people will see that you’re legit – that’s not enough, it’s a competitive world out there. Put adverts out online and in the newspaper. Create a website, make business cards, and open social media accounts. The more recognition you get – the more chance you have at running a successful business.

Then it’s down to you to put your name out there and prove to people what a reliable service you are offering them. Be prepared for a slow start, but with the right motivation, it’ll all pay off.

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