How Does An Eco-Friendly Office Increase Profits?

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There is one obvious benefit to having an eco-friendly workplace; it’s good for the environment. But when you’re in business, you need to put your profits first, and creating an eco-friendly office is going to be more expensive to build than a normal one. That’s true, but what you might not realize is that having a green workspace can actually increase your profits in a number of different ways. If you’re still skeptical, here’s how an eco-friendly office could be increasing your profits.

Lower Utility Bills

An office that uses less energy is obviously going to be better for the environment, but it will also drastically cut your overheads as well. The running costs of an office eat into your profits quite a bit, so reducing them is always a bonus. Most people don’t think that making these small changes is going to make much difference but it really does. Simple things like swapping out your normal light bulbs for LED’s can save you huge amounts. A normal household can save around $400 a year, and that figure will be even higher in a larger office, so it’s worth spending the money on. You can save even more if you design the building in such a way that you don’t need to use that lights as much. By making good use of natural light, you can cut your bills even further. By getting companies like Flowitt architects to give you 3D visualizations of your design, you can see exactly how it will interact with the light and make adjustments so the office is lit naturally for as much of the day as possible. You can also save on heating bills this way if you insulate properly to keep all of that heat in.

Be A Leader

Customers don’t want to deal with a company that can’t keep up with the times. Being eco-friendly is more common these days, so companies that aren’t doing it are beginning to look outdated. The assumption that customers will make is that everything about your business is also outdated. This then leads them to believe that your rivals can offer them a better product or service because they’ll be using more up to date technology than you. Even if this isn’t true, they will still go elsewhere.

Customers Feel Better

People are starting to feel a lot of guilt about environmental issues these days. If they feel that they are contributing unnecessarily to environmental problems, they’ll feel bad about it. In order to alleviate some of that guilt, more and more people are choosing to go with companies that use recycled materials and operate out of an eco-friendly building. Even if the products are slightly more expensive, some customers will choose to pay the extra, just for the guarantee of environmentally responsible practices. If you advertise the fact that your new office is eco-friendly, you are far more likely to win new business and increase sales.

When you’re planning your new office, it needs to be eco-friendly. Otherwise, your profits will suffer.

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