You Can’t Afford To Be Modest When It Comes To Business

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Modesty is an attractive quality in a person, but in business it could spell disaster. When customers are looking for a company to deal with, a good track record is top of their list. People are wary of giving their money to somebody if they can’t be sure that the product is good. If you are modest about your achievements, it gives the impression that you don’t have any. To keep the customers coming in, you need to boast about your products, and don’t hold back. These are the best ways to boast about your business success and win more customers.

Customer Reviews

When you tell a customer that you’re great, they’re going to take it with a pinch of salt. Obviously, you aren’t going to say that your product is rubbish, so they won’t always trust your opinion. But the opinions of previous customers is something very different. 90% of people read reviews and 88% of people trust them. Getting reviews from satisfied customers and putting them on your website is a brilliant way to prove to customers that you can deliver on the promises that you make. To get as many reviews as possible, you should tell any employee that deals with a customer to encourage them to leave reviews, and for an extra incentive, offer a prize draw for all of the people that have left reviews. It’ll cost you a little money but the long-term sales returns will be worth it.

Go To Events

Another great way to prove the quality of your product is to showcase it for customers. Being able to test it out in person gives them a much better sense of the product than a simple photograph on an advert or a customer testimony. Try to find local industry events where you can showcase your products. It’s worth investing a bit of money on a good presentation with bespoke exhibition stands that can display your product perfectly, and some representatives from the company to give proper demonstrations to customers. It’s a great way to garner some interest because you’ll get a lot of foot traffic from people that are interested in your type of product.

Local Media

People tend to overlook traditional media outlets because digital marketing has become such a vital part of the strategy, but that doesn’t mean the tried and tested forms are completely obsolete now. Getting coverage in a local newspaper will improve sales in a couple of different ways. If you can get stories about your record sales in there, you get some good coverage and prove your track record to potential customers. Being in a local paper will also improve your standing because a lot of consumers are starting to steer away from larger companies in favor of smaller local ones. Being featured in a local news outlet gives the impression that your company is a wholesome local business, even if it’s larger than that.

By boasting about your achievements, you can put consumers minds at rest and make sure that they pick you over a less experienced company.

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