5 Things that Grab Web Visitors’ Attention

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It’s one thing getting visitors to come to your website, but what do you do once you’ve got them there? If you want to show off your business and make as many sales as possible, you need to grab your visitor’s’ attention. Not only will this help you convert them, but it will also ensure that they keep coming back for more.

Here are just a few things that are sure to grab and keep the attention of anyone who finds their way to your website:


The average human mind craves novelty. This means that, if you can give your visitors a novel experience by hitting them with something they didn’t expect to see, you’ll be onto a winner. That’s why you should always be looking to add new and interesting content to your website, and using images, different colors and bolding to draw the eye to the most important parts of your site.

Create Contrast

The mind also gives more attention to things that contrast. That’s why so many weight loss companies show before and after photos on their websites and cleaning companies show homes in their before and after states. You need to find a way to create contrast on your website, perhaps by showing how your product can change a customer’s life if they buy it.

Interesting Headlines

The SEO experts at Herdl will tell you that writing good website headlines is an art form. If you do it right, not only will it boost your rankings with Google, but it will also grab your visitor’s’ attention and keep them reading the rest of your copy where you can persuade them to make a purchase.

Eye-catching headlines are typically short, sweet, and to the point without any filler and using language you might not expect.  Good examples include:

  • ‘How to Eat on Less Than $1.00/meal’
  • ‘How I Paid off $46,500 of Student Loans in 2 years’
  • ‘Kick-Ass Content Tips’

Create your own and you should get good results.

Emotional Appeals

Emotion is a great attention-grabber. If you can make your visitors feel something, they will stay engaged long enough to read and digest your message. Perhaps, the best emotion you should try to create in your readers is shock. If you say something controversial, you can guarantee your stuff will get read, but remember that you shouldn’t say anything controversial that would cast your company in a bad light.

Logically Structured Content

Content that is structured logically, so that one point flows from the next and you get all the information you need in the order you need it, encourages the brain to keep reading. If you aren’t exactly great at writing methodically, hiring a good content writer from Upwork might be a good idea. That way, you’ll be able to keep your reader’s’ attention and let your message shine.

If you use these tips to improve your website, you should soon see an increase in the length of time your visitors spend on your website and the amount of repeat visitors coming back for more.

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