Why Training Your Employees Online Can Save You Money

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Training your employees is important for the success of your business and the happiness of your staff. So, it is definitely not something you should skip because you’re worried about the costs, especially when online training is so affordable and according to some studies could save you around 50 percent when compared with traditional training methods.

Not convinced? Here are just some of the ways online training can save you money:

Lower Travel Costs

If you choose to train your employees online, they obviously aren’t going to need to travel to other towns, or even other countries, like they otherwise might. And no hotel or sustenance bills! As long as they have access to a computer with the relevant software, they can learn anywhere, and that means there are obvious cost benefits to online education.

Fewer Lost Productivity Hours

When you have to send your employees away for training, it usually happens during working hours, and that means that you not only have to pay for the training and the travel costs, but you also lose several productivity hours while your staff are away. You still have to pay them though, of course. So, by ensuring that they can access course materials after hours and without traveling, it is possible to save money.

No Venue Hire Costs

In some sectors, you may have to hire a venue, as well as props in order to effectively train your staff, especially if you need to rehearse possible real-life scenarios. If you use online simulation software from the likes of Antycip Simulation, you can get the same level of training without the cost of hiring a venue, etc. In fact, you can train your employees in even more depth for less in many cases!

Cut the Cost of Instructors

If you use a company like Thought Industries to deliver training to your employees, because it is system-led, you will not have to pay an additional amount to have an instructor lead the process, and as you know, instructors can be pretty expensive, so this could mean big savings for your company over the years.

Lower Material Costs

When everything your employees need to learn is available online, you don’t have to spend so much money investing in text books, stationery, ink, and paper. These might not seem like major expenses, but they do add up over the years, especially if you do a lot of training.

Convenience and Efficiency

Training can happen in-between work tasks, so employees’ time is used more efficiently. Rather than having to up-sticks and take a whole day, training can be more easily slotted into the work schedule, and more easily re-scheduled if unplanned work is required elsewhere.

Automated Tracking

Because most eLearning programs automatically track the progress of students, you can indirectly save money by saving time. No longer will you need to waste precious working hours monitoring the progress of each and every employee you’re training. Nor will you need to worry about organizing classes and ensuring that they’re delivered on time.

As you can see, there are so many great reasons to give online etraining a try. Your employees, for the most part, will prefer the flexibility it offers, and you will benefit from a better level of training at more attractive prices. What’s not to love?

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