Why Your Phone Number Is Your Business’s Best Marketing Tool

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Some might say that a business phone number is dead, and there are reasons why. To begin with, social media is taking over and becoming the main customer service tool. Plus, people want to be able to converse on the go, and a phone number isn’t a great way to do it. On the face of things, it appears a contact number is old school and no longer necessary. However, the truth is that it still has a big role to play in your marketing strategy. If you are a non-believer, take a look at the reasons why which are underneath.

Believe It Or Not, Not Everyone Is On The Internet

Sure, a third of sales in the UK came from a mobile device in 2016. And, around three billion people have access to the Web around the world. But, it is worth remembering that three billion is only 40% of the population. That means 60% of people on the planet can’t go online and send a tweet or post on the company’s wall. As a result, a business number is an excellent way to bridge the gap. Thanks to this option, you are providing people with an opportunity to get in touch that wouldn’t have one otherwise.

People Like To Speak To Advisors

Although automated services can reduce costs, they aren’t perfect customer service tools. Everyone knows messaging services are frustrating and don’t get the job done. So, even if you have a chatbot, it might not appease the customers who have had a bad experience in the past. With a dedicated landline number, they can call and talk to a person instead. Not only will it make them more likely to get in touch, but it also gives the firm the opportunity to impress.

Numbers Are Memorable

A modern marketing ploy is to come up with a jingle which centres on the company’s number. The reason for this is that it makes the firm more memorable. Also, the number is more than likely to stick in the customer’s mind if accompanied by a catchy tune. The result is an increase using the business and their services. Part of marketing is making the brand apparent to your base in the first place. With a phone number, this is pretty easy to do if you can broadcast it on a variety of platforms. Just ask Hastings Direct.

And Cheap

Okay, so nothing is less expensive than a tweet because it is free. But, so is a call to your business as long as it is a 0800 number. Simply put, there is no reason to charge for calls, especially if there are no costs to cover. It is greedy, and it puts people off calling in the first place. A free landline will encourage customers to get in touch because there are zero fees. When you combine free online and offline strategies, the number of leads will skyrocket.

Although it might appear to be on its last legs, a business number still has a big role to play.

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