4 Things Your Office Space Needs

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Offices are the hub of a business, it’s where everyone works so it has to be top notch in order to make your employees happy. Not only does it have to keep your employees happy it also has to be functional, you have to make sure that it fits your needs and requirements, some of these things you can do yourself, others you can’t. Here are the top 4 things your office space needs.

Uniformed Furniture

For your employees to work, eat and relax on their breaks, they need something to sit down on and use! Furniture is a big part of any office, and it dictates the mood of your office. Color, style, and the way your furniture is organized all play big parts in how your employee feels when at work, and how they feel about the company! It’s important to get uniformed furniture, meaning that everything is all very similar. This prevents your employees from feeling that the office is messy, and in turn makes them see it as very well organized, putting them in a better mindset to work! Companies like Office Depot offer a wide range of smart office furniture that you are able to order in bulk, perfect for filling out your office space with!

Sound Proofed Walls

Sound proofing is very important in offices, especially so if it is a shared office. Sound proofing rooms in your office means that the room in question is very quiet, no noise comes in and no noise comes out. This is especially important if your employees are often on the phone, or if they are doing work that requires high levels of concentration. Often you can find discounted sheet foam that can be used to soundproof your rooms, a very good idea if your employees often find themselves being disrupted from noises from within the office! It is also recommended to soundproof your office if you’re situated by a busy road or even a train track to keep all the noise pollution out.

Fire Extinguishers

This is the more serious thing out of the 4 that we are covering, but it’s an absolute requirement if you care about the safety of your staff. Fire extinguishers, quite obviously, put out fires. Fires within workplaces are a very rare occurance, but you cannot rely on this! Always make sure you have fire extinguishers available in every room of your office, just in case the worst should happen. This gives your employees the chance to put out a small fire before it gets even worse, saving you the grief of your employees getting injured in the fire, or worse. You can purchase small fire extinguishers from Kidde that specialise in the needs for small business, excellent for any office! On a legal note,if your building does not have fire extinguishers, it will most likely fail it’s fire safety inspection and will be deemed illegal to use. To make sure that you pass the fire safety inspection, make sure that you have an ample amount of fire extinguishers about! Of course, the amount you need will require on the size of your premises so plan ahead when purchasing them.

Integrated Communication System

An efficient office is one that can communicate quickly and clearly, if you can’t do this then the whole business slows down because the messages take too long to get to each other! This is evidently a problem, and the scale of it increases with the size of your building and company. If you have a small office with only a few people, shouting something across to someone can be fine! However, for larger offices where you have to track people down, this becomes a problem fast. In order to not waste time, you need an intra-office communication system. Companies like BlueNote provide specific software for specific needs, so it’s always good to shop around before you buy! You can even use emails and phones to get into contact with one another if you don’t have a system set up yet, the options are endless, just get one that works for your business!

It’s heavily recommended that you do all of these things to make sure that your office is as professional and safe as it needs to be. Get in the same furniture for that uniformed, professional feel, that will have a positive impact on your employees, make sure you have the correct safety equipment and communication systems to make your business as efficient as possible, you cannot go wrong! If you’re a manager and you’re doing all these things but still struggling with your employees, read this for some help.

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