The Little Office Things That Add Up To A Lot

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When you’re a business owner, it can feel like a few big things come at you at once that demand your money from you – but thoughts to the little things that can add up to become big expenses are often disregarded. They’re brushed under the carpet as minor annoyances which don’t really require work, when in fact it’s quite the opposite; they are costing you a lot more than you think, and the faster you act to resolve them, the quicker you will be saving your company a lot of money.


It’ll cost you a lot of money if you don’t have the right insurance in place, but you’ll still have to shell out for it even if nothing happens – it’s a bit of a Catch 22 situation that you’ve got going on, but one that isn’t to be tampered with. If you don’t have insurance for your company, building and employees, you need to get it sooner rather than later, as you could be facing a lawsuit if not – and that’s without anything going wrong. If you do, have a search around online for a deal which could be better for you. There are hundreds of comparison sites online for you to take advantage of and save your business a small fortune. If you don’t have the time to search yourself, put the task into the hands of an employee who will be able to sort it out for you ASAP.

Office Supplies

It could be that you are spending more than you need to on supplies which make up your office essentials. Ink for your printer can be costly if you don’t know where to look, and can easily end up dominating a business’ supply budget. There are cheaper versions available at 123 InkJets which are compatible with most versions of printer that offices may have – not buying branded could save you a small fortune. There are also other ways around this; outsourcing is taking off within offices, mainly due to the time-saving and financially-savvy properties that it offers. Going to specific printing companies will save you money not just on the ink that is being used, but also on other materials such as paper and even the printer itself, so you will no longer have to hire, buy or upkeep the machine that is taking up the room in your office. It’s a very minimalistic way of looking at things, but it seems to work for most people.

Sick Days

A lot of sick days can be avoided simply by listening to your staff and supporting them when they’re not feeling their best. Instead of demanding that they come in rain or shine, giving them the right amount of time to recover – especially concerning their mental health as well as physical – is definitely the thing to do. Leaving open your office door for a chat or having a designated person to be a listener to those who need it is just one way of combatting an potentially expensive situation.

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