Small Businesses: How to Gain and Retain New Customers

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Without customers, you don’t have a business. Every business needs loyal and regular custom to survive. So, it’s no surprise when business owners become excited by the idea of creating new custom and building new connections. However, the majority of advice out there will do nothing more than increase your social media followers and suck up all of your time replying to them. Those kinds of methods very rarely result in increased ROI. So, what do you need to do to get the customers you need?

Forget About New Customers

It’s sounds absurd, considering your one goal is to gain new customers. But, if your connections sense that you’re desperate for their custom, they’ll run a mile. It’s similar to how dogs and babies can smell fear. There was time when all businesses had to do was put up a post saying that stock was running out fast or the wasn’t much time left to get your hands on a discounted product, and customers would come running. That just doesn’t work anymore. Sadly, if you want new customers, you have to act like you don’t need them, rather than trying to throw your business in their faces.

Wean Yourself Off Bad Customers

When you want your business to thrive and you need to make an income from it, it’s always tempting to take on any kind of custom. However, most business waste a significant amount of time working with customers they shouldn’t really be working with. You know, the ones that complain about every tiny thing and make you work yourself to the bone until they’re happy. Although it is important to strive for perfection, there are some people that just plain waste your time. As a business owner, your time is valuable and sometimes you just need to say no. Therefore, you need quality customers for your quality products. It’s unheard of for high money-making businesses to qualify their customers before accepting them.

Give More Than They Pay For

Isn’t it nice when you get more than you paid for? Whether it’s a free drink from your local takeaway, free wrapping at Christmas time or free samples of new products, customers feel appreciated when there’s a little something extra they get to take home. When it comes to earning loyal custom, it’s best to over-deliver than under-deliver. For example, if you say a product will be ready for a customer by 4pm and you’re still working on it at 4.15pm, you’ve already broken a promise. What will make that customer return? Whereas if you promise something by 4pm knowing you’ll be finished by 3pm, you can deliver it by 3.30pm and your customer is left pleasantly surprised.


Every time an existing customer refers a new customer, roll out the red carpet. A person that has been referred isn’t just an email that’s been added to your newsletter list or a contact on your social media. A referral is someone whose highly likely to be interested in your products, has already heard good reviews and is hoping you have what they want. The fish is already caught, so all you need to do is make sure you get it in the net. That doesn’t mean you have to rant and rave about your products the moment they connect with you; it means you have the opportunity to build a relationship. And, it should be the kind of relationship that lasts.

Be Better

The majority of small businesses that attract the most custom in business today stand for something. For example, a natural beauty business won’t survive because their products of the best quality or because the business owner uses multiple forms of advertising. It will survive because the owner has a passion for informing people of the benefits of natural make-up and the effects of chemical make-ups on health. If you want to grab the attention of potential customers you need to know as much as you can about them with the help of Oasis group records management, and be passionate about what you’re doing. Show them that you’re interested in solving their problems and making their lives easier.

Invest in Your Team

In your absence, it’s your team that has to do the legwork when it comes to bringing in new customers. Spend time with your team, build them up and encourage them to be passionate about what they’re selling. Create goals and help them to reach them. Encourage bonding between team members so they work together instead of competing with each other. You get out what you put in.

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