There’s Nothing Magic About The Spell Of Business Perfectionism

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Every business owner wants things to be perfect. Their reputation is at stake, so of course getting things right matters. But, there should come a time when even the most passionate entrepreneurs accept things as they are. If you keep tweaking and never feeling satisfied, it’s a sure sign you’ve gone too far. That’s right; we’re talking about perfectionism. While it sounds like a gift, letting perfectionism take hold could cripple your business. Instead of ensuring your product is the best, behavior like this may stop it from getting off the ground. Here are a few signs you’re under the perfectionist spell, and some tips on how to break it.

You’re Forever Changing Your Image

Image is important for any company. It’s one of the first things we focus on when starting out. In the early stages, it’s okay to have a few changes. As your business develops, you may find that your planned logos or web designs no longer suit. But, tweaks like these could become a real issue if you continue to make them later down the line. Once your company goes public, changing your branding will only complicate matters. It’ll destroy any reputation you’ve built, and send a message that you don’t know what you’re doing. How can people trust your products if they can’t trust your branding?

The trick is to stop analyzing. The chances are that you’ll never reach a stage where you’re entirely satisfied. In many ways, that’s what makes you an amazing business person. But, it’s time to let it go. It may be worth entrusting aspects like web design to digital marketing agencies so that you don’t have to think about them. That way, you can rest easy that you’ll get the professional image you were after this way!

You Keep Delaying Release Dates

Release dates for new products are stressful for any business owner. They are the amalgamation of all your hard work. The make or break moments, as it were. If you keep delaying those dates, perfectionism may be playing its hand here. You know the scenario; you think everything’s ready to go, then spot a small design aspect which could be better. Can’t everything always be better? No. It can’t. It’s important to accept that all new releases experience teething problems. But, sending them out to the world is the only true way to get them perfect. If you keep delaying the release, you’re only harming your product more in the long run. Oh, and losing money in the process.

You Have Trouble Employing

Perfectionism also stands in the way of employment. If you have an ideal candidate in mind when interviewing, you won’t be able to pick anyone. At the end of the day, no one is perfect. But, that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth working with. You should approach every applicant with an open mind. If you want to,, you can always implement training strategies later down the line to get them to the level you’d like.

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