Mistakes To Avoid When Launching a New Blog

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Whether you write a blog as a hobby, make an income from it, or have it as part of a wider business, there are some things that are going to make or break it. For a lot of people, they will have thought about starting a blog and just gone for it, then just made adjustments and changes along the way. But if you are yet to start a blog, then this post is for you. You want to make sure that you launch your blog in the right way from the start.

In a world where it seems that everyone is blogging, you need to be doing things that will help you to stand out. So get it right from the start, and you’ll be onto something good.

You Go Overboard on SEO

Obviously, people reading your blog is important. The techniques you use in in getting people to read your blog is how you generate traffic, find new readers, and get your blog’s name out there. But for a beginner, all you might know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is that you need certain keywords. While that is true, and people will search for specific terms that your content can answer, keywords are not the be all and end all. You need to focus on getting quality backlinks too. This id often forgotten about, and bloggers can be left wondering why there are still only on page 15 when it comes to a Google search.

You Don’t Have a Newsletter or Subscription

In order to work with brands or to grow your customer base, depending on the kind of blogging that you are doing, you need to have a number of people signed up to your site. Then you can approach brands and tell them off the people that are interested in your content and the number of people that have your posts delivered straight to their inbox. If you don’t have this, then you are missing out, big style. There are several email newsletter designs that you could choose from. The important point is that you have one set up. You can generate loyal customers and importantly, increase your revenue.

You Spread Yourself Too Thinly

When many people start a blog, they get going with their blog, as well as setting up on social media. All of the channels will be created to share their blog posts. But to start with, this could be a mistake. Bigger bloggers will, of course, have social media profiles set up. But they have thousands of already loyal followers. If you are new on the scene, it is mostly going to be your friends and family that will follow. So to start with, focus in on creating quality content that can be found online, and it will be easier. From there, you can create the social channels. But having a readership is what you want to aim for first.

At the end of the day, you want to create quality content that people will be able to find. Don’t just churn out lots and lots of content that no one is going to be reading. Don’t just publish whatever you want to write about, but rather, focus on what other people will want to read.

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