Improving Wellbeing in the Workplace

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If your workforce is stressed out, depressed and demotivated, it’s hardly going to be good news for your business.

For any company to succeed, it needs to have staff that are happy, healthy and mentally well. Here are some tips to help you improve the wellbeing of your workforce right now:

Redesign Your Office

One of the simplest, but most effective things you can do to improve the atmosphere in your workplace, and thus boost well-being is to redesign the space. If, for example, your staff work in separate cubicles, get rid of them, open up the space and allow for more collaboration. This will boost morale and lead to greater insights.

Another thing that you should consider doing is getting rid of any furniture which isn’t comfortable and ergonomically designed. This will help to keep your workforce physically comfortable at work.

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

Natural light is a natural mood booster, and it has been shown that employees who have a view of the world outside are up to it 25 percent more productive on average. So, if you can ensure that as many of your employees have access to plenty of natural light, outside views, and soothing plants and flowers indoors, you will not only boost well-being in the workplace, but you’ll make your company more efficient too.

Train Your Staff

Giving your employees a high level of health and safety training, which includes training in mental health in the workplace, is a great way to keep staff safe and ensure that, if any employees re having a tough time, there will be plenty of peer support available to them.

Minimize Noise

Most workplaces have a certain level of noise that is pretty much unavoidable, but excess noise can really cause employees to become stressed, distracted and unable to work at their best. Luckily, it is possible to minimise noise distractions by planning your workspace in such a way that noise is isolated. Things like keeping phones away from the centre of the room and keeping desks as far away from high-traffic walkways as possible are simple and effective.

Play with Colour

Colour can have a surprisingly dramatic effect on how we feel. In the workplace, yellow is a particularly good colour to use because it has been shown to reduce stress, increase a sense of calmness and encourage creativity.

Create Restful Spaces

Sure, for the most part, the workplace is about activity and getting things done, but it won’t hurt your business to set aside a little space where employees can go to rest, relax and perhaps even meditate. Fill the staff room with lots of plants, play some soft music and add a few comfy cushions and chairs and when it’s getting a bit too much, your staff can retreat there for a few minutes to take a break. Do this, and you will probably find that your company’s productivity actually improves along with your employees’ well-being.

Are you big on promoting wellbeing in the workplace? What measures have you taken to look after your staff?

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