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It is one of the toughest parts of business to get right because online marketing is a game of strategy, much like chess. It is just one of those things that can take years and years to completely master. What makes it so frustrating during this time is not seeing the return on investment you perhaps thought you would see from your campaigns or website or social media efforts. That’s the other similarity is has to a good old game of chess; you need to use each of your tools to their maximum.

To help you with this, we have come up with some incredibly useful strategies to help you get a much-improved return on investment when it comes to your online efforts.

Use Exact Keywords

When it comes to online marketing efforts, your keywords are nothing less than your best asset. The keywords a customer uses when searching for something shows their intent, which often completely transcends demographics. By using exact keyword matches, your ad will only show up when a certain phrase is used. Yes, this limits the reach, but the ones that see the ad will be more likely to interact with it. It is an easy way to find your perfect audience.

Use Business Intelligence Tools

This seems to be where the future is heading because it uses big data to its advantage. Not only this but it is completely customised to your needs, meaning it works for your products and your customers using their data. What’s more, as you can see on using this form of analytics delivers a return of over $13 for every dollar spent. This is because it reduces operational costs, saves time and makes decision making more accurate, which is what all businesses want in this game of chess.

Life Is All About Timing

Yes, getting your ad in front of the right audience is important, but it is made redundant if you don’t show it to them at the right time. This means being a little smart about when you run ads and using software to schedule the release of such ads so that it doesn’t impact the other operations involved in your business. For example, let’s say you have a local music store; well, it may prove beneficial for you to schedule your ads to run during the X-Factor or immediately after Coachella finishes. That is what we mean by timing.

Improve The Quality Of Your Score

Almost every marketer uses Google Adwords, which means you should also be looking at ways to improve the Quality Score of the ads you are running. Basically, Google gives preference to those ads that are more successful because Google makes more money off successful ads. It is simple. What makes an ad successful? How much it is run versus how many times a consumer clicks on it. So use this guide by to analyse what you can do to improve your score and you will be rewarded with better placement from Google. That is only going to improve your return because having Google on your team rocks.

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