11 Questions You Might Be Afraid to Ask About Marketing

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When it comes to business, you’ve always got a lot on your plate to deal with. No only do you have your business to run, regarding the product or service that you produce, but you’ve also got to make sure that you can make sales. After sales, there’s also customer services, finances, and even administrative tasks to deal with. Add into that the idea of trying to get some sort of marketing ideas together, and it’s enough to make even the most experienced of business moguls to shake in their boots.

Having a lot to turn your hand too can mean that you can’t be the master of everything. And when it comes to marketing, you may feel like you have no idea where to start. So, you find yourself constantly asking yourself a range of questions about the world of marketing. But, because you don’t overly know the answers yourself, you put them to the side and go on about your day, without making any progress with your own marketing efforts. We all have questions that we want to ask but are afraid too. And now’s the time to throw them all out in the open and make the answers known.

#1 Why Does It Matter?

Okay, so there’s a huge chance that you hear a lot about marketing, and know that there are so many different buzzwords to do with it, but you don’t always know why it matters so much. Well, it is useful to realize that marketing is important. It’s not only a way to promote your business and get your name and offerings known but also to bring in sales as a result of the efforts you make.

#2 How Do I Get Started?

Now, it’s likely that you know you need to be doing more with your marketing, but the thing that’s holding you back is not knowing how to get started. Some say you can throw yourself out there and get started, but the best place to start is always by creating a marketing plan. By understanding where you are and where you want to be, you’ll then be able to take the right steps towards getting there.

#3 It Is Worth The Investment?

Then comes the question on everyone’s lips – investment versus return. A lot of people and businesses can be afraid to invest in their marketing methods, just in case they don’t have off. But if you really want to be able to expand your business and grow in line with your goals, you need to be able to put your money where your mouth is and work to make it pay off.

#4 Is It Not Just For Big Businesses?

When you run a smaller business, you can often assume that marketing is only reserved for the big players, but that’s not strictly true. Yes, you will see huge brand names all over the TV and in magazines and newspapers, and why you may not have a huge budget for marketing in those ways, you can make your own waves with marketing, just in a more affordable way.

#5 How Do Small Businesses Benefit?

When you think that you can produce marketing efforts that match those of some of the world’s biggest businesses, you start to wonder just how marketing can be a benefit to your small business. Well, it can work in its own way. By working with low budget marketing ideas, you will be able to reach you own niche order, encourage sales, and still make a profit in order to grow.

#6 Am I Guaranteed Results?

If the one thing that’s holding you back from starting out with your own marketing methods is the idea of failing, then you’re probably looking for reassurance. Well, it’s useful to know that most marketing efforts will succeed in one way or another. Whether you’re looking to gain a wider audience, grow your profits, or make more sales, you can tweak most marketing campaigns to improve your results if they don’t appear right the first time around.

#7 Can I Market For Free?

A lot of people would love the idea of starting their own marketing mission, but they want to try it out for free before they have to invest. Well, with the modern world, that’s more than possible. With social marketing, any business can put themselves out there. You can create some noise, and analyze the results before going for other options and investing.


#8 How Can I Improve My Marketing?

Sometimes, the question on your mind is the one you rarely want to admit. But, if you are already putting your own marketing efforts out there and you want to improve, you’re going to want to think about working in your branding. When you have a solid brand, for your product or service, it gives you a much stronger base for the rest of your marketing efforts.

#9 I’m Failing, What Am I Doing Wrong?

To take that idea to the next level, you may find that after trying and trying, your marketing efforts are failing. But, you may not want to make that known. If you are finding it hard to see results, you might think about hiring a marketing consultant that you set you back on track. Marketing consultants can often take the issues off of your hands, and show you exactly what you should be doing.

#10 What Marketing Channels Are There?

Maybe you just don’t know where you should be marketing at all? That’s nothing to worry about because you can quickly learn. Of course, it will always depend on what suits your business best, but you’ve got a lot of social media options, as well as SEO, media buying and display advertising, PR, events, print advertising and even direct marketing to consider. A little research on each should help you to decide.

#11 Will It Take A Lot Of Time?

And finally, you might wonder whether putting your efforts into marketing will take up a lot of your time. Well, in many ways it can. But, if you are time poor, you can put in the few hours that you have and see that it sounds. You do need to remember that, as with anything, you do get out what you put in. So the choice is yours.

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