4 Headaches To Expect In An International Business

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When you are running a business on an international scale, there are many difficulties that you might face which you would no necessarily run into for a national business. Internationals are pretty tricky, and you need to be brave to run one. But if you think you have the necessary skills and resources, they can also be among the most lucrative businesses of all. Nonetheless, it is worth preparing yourself for the specific kinds of troubles that you are likely to run into with this kind of business, so that you can be as prepared as possible. Here are four things which can cause a lot of hassle for any international business.

Culture Clash

When you are opening up another location in a different country, you have a lot of issues to contend with – but a major one is the culture clash. You might find that there are certain cultural trends or tics which you had not expected. It is surprising how much these can affect the way your business works, so it is a good idea to get to understand the as fast as you can. Research thoroughly the culture of every country you plan to do business in. In particular, focus on any differences between your home working culture and theirs. This will help to avoid any faux pas, and anything which might slow you down. For more on this phenomenon, see https://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/2014/sep/29/corporate-social-responsibility-coors-molson-nike-coke.


Sometimes, it is necessary for multinationals to transport goods and equipment from the one country to another. When this is the case, you might run into some distinct problems, chief amongst them usually being border control. All countries have border control, but some are stricter than others. Something you will have to deal with quite early on is knowing how to make the process of transporting goods across borders as fast as possible, while still remaining safe and abiding by all necessary laws and regulations. If you look at http://www.jsforwarding.co.uk/customs.html you will notice one particular method for doing so: to employ a customs clearance specialist to do it for you. This is bound to help your business engage in an international business culture and keep your shipments on time.


The different currencies of different countries are ever-shifting, as we all know. This can be hugely off putting for any international business, as you might often struggle with knowing how to translate from one to the other. Most of your problems here will be around the fact that you very often lose out when you go from one currency to another, so that is something you need to take into account. You also need to watch out for particularly volatile currencies, as these can cause a lot of damage to your business.

Time Zones

Finally, it is only a small everyday concern, but it can lead to an ongoing confusion in your business. Make sure to always think about the necessary time zones across your business, especially when communicating from one office or hub to another. You need to work with the time zone variation to find a working order which is as effective and efficient as possible.

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