People Who Home Business Owners Should Have On Speed Dial

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Running your own business from home is most people’s dream. Imagine, not having to answer to anyone. You’re your own boss! You make all of the decisions. You call all of the cards. You can set your own working hours. You needn’t leave the house to earn money. Sounds like a dream, right? However, there will always be a time when something goes wrong. When you run your own small business from home, relatively minor slip ups can be disastrous. Here are all of the people who you should have on speed dial, ready for when the time comes that they’re needed ASAP.

IT Support

Most home businesses are successful due to their online presence. Individuals across the world can access your products or services at any time and your wares become available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. However, every now and again, chances are that your site will go down. Unless you’re regularly versed in coding and troubleshooting, you might not be able to rectify the problem without taking extended periods of time and losing profits all along the way. Find somewhere local to your set up: it support in London means that you can meet the people who you are talking to, reducing incidents of miscomprehension or confusion.

Storage Unit Providers

You should ideally distance your home life and your work life. This may sound like a bit of an oxymoron when you run a home business. But trust us, it’s key to happy and healthy relationships and a good work ethic. If your home starts to become overrun with stock and packaging, you may start to irritate other people living in the same building. So make sure you have a reliable storage unit provider on hand. You can rent spaces and store excess stock away from your personal living space.

Local Postal Offices

You’re most likely going to be having more deliveries coming into your home than the average person. After all, the majority of the population tend to receive only bank statements or bills in their mail. You’re going to be receiving stock, components and a whole host of other bits and bobs. You might not always be home when the postal worker attempts to deliver them, so make sure that you have your local post office’s number at hand. If a parcel hasn’t turned up as you were expecting, you can always contact your local postal office and check whether it has been returned.

Electricians and Plumbers

You’re going to be spending more and more time in your home and chances are that you’ll start to notice more and more problems develop. This may be due to your home being used more regularly, or typical sod’s law. So ensure that you always have a good, reliable electrician and plumbers’ numbers ready to go. You don’t need the extra distraction of leaks, floods, blocked toilets blackouts and tripping switches or lights when you’re trying to get on with your day to day work.

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