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It can be hard to get clients to take you seriously when you’re a small business. After all, they can often overlook your company as you are just a little business compared to the other giants in the industry.

Therefore, you might struggle to get work at the beginning of your business journey. In fact, you might find they dismiss your calls and emails when you are trying to get in touch. And you might struggle to arrange any meetings at the beginning. However, there are some ways you can make them turn their head and start taking you seriously as a business. And then you will be on the road to success before you know it. In fact, here is how to prove you are a legitimate business.

Make sure you attend all industry events

It can be hard to prove you are a major player if you are not mixing with the other big parties in the industry. In fact, they are likely to dismiss you to go with a different company who are more well-known. Therefore, it’s time to step up and prove your worth by ensuring you are there at any event which is associated with your industry. For one thing, it gives you a chance to work the room and meet potential clients. You can also introduce yourself and ensure they remember your name. If you befriend a major player, you could be soon getting more deals in place for your business. Also, an industry event can give you a good insight into who your competitors are. After all, you will be bumping heads with so you can learn more about your competition. And they often have talks at industry events which would be ideal for you to pick up some tips. In fact, it can give you some clues on how to shape your business for success. And who knows, you might soon be the one doing the talks at these industry events in the future!

Get your business on the web

All businesses are now taking the step to get online. After all, if you are a major player, you need to be on the web. It’s where all the clients will be looking when they need work for their company. Therefore, if you have no website, they are likely to click on a competitor’s site instead. And then you will miss out on the chance to do business with the client. And a website is also perfect for showcasing your company. After all, you will have plenty of space to show why your business is worth going with. In fact, you can highlight all your products on the web. And if you implement ecommerce, people from all over the world with be able to buy from your site. You can also put reviews on the site from clients you have worked with already. That way, potential customers are more likely to take on business from you if they see you have legitimate reviews. Therefore, take the time to set up a good website for your business. Make sure you spend time ensuring it’s laid out well so that it’s easy to maneuver. After all, if it’s got a poor design, your company will definitely not look like a professional business. In fact, you might want to work with a website designer on the site. They will have experience and knowledge of what will work well for your company.

Trademark your brand

You might have spent months working on your fantastic business idea. And now you are taking the next steps of getting the business off the starting line by finding clients. But while you might think your idea is superb and unique, if you have no trademark, they are unlikely to take you seriously. After all, another entrepreneur might lift their head and do a similar brand to yours. And without a trademark, there is nothing you can do about it. Therefore, to ensure you get taken seriously as a business, it’s time to try and set up a trademark for your brand. You have to apply online on if you do want to go down this route. And it can be a costly process. However, if you do take this step, clients are bound to take you more seriously as a business. And are more likely to work with you in the future!

Ensure you have eye-catching marketing materials

It’s likely you will want to get some good marketing materials to send to potential clients and customers. After all, it can ensure they notice you as a business, and it will hopefully lead to some work. However, if you make the materials yourself, it will come across that you are a small business. And they are unlikely to take you seriously if it looks like something you made at home. Therefore, it’s a good idea to work with a company to help you produce marketing materials which will turn heads. In fact, you can look on sites similar to for ideas of brochures which will definitely get your noticed. They can help you make other materials such as USB sticks which will be something the client will use. And it will remind them to get in touch every time they use the device! Therefore, ensure they are in tip-top shape, so they take you seriously.

Get to know your business inside out

You also need to work on getting completely clued up on your business. After all, you need to know it inside out before you go to any meetings. After all, if you make a slip-up or error when talking to a client, they are bound to not go any further with your company. At the end of the day, they need to believe in you as much as they do your business. So you need to ensure you are thoroughly prepared for any question they might have. And be able to answer quickly and confidently, so it looks like you know your stuff. And as we said before, passion and commitment to your business can lead to success!

And sometimes it just takes time to get that nod from clients. So don’t be frustrated if it takes some time before your business gets on the map!

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