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A successful business has to be a lot of things. You need credibility to instil trust, a brand to seem like a big player in the game, and an online presence to name but three. However, the most important factor is a stream of new customers. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should forget about your current consumer base because they are your staple. But, you do need new people buying products and services if you want to expand. Otherwise, the odds are high that the business will stagnate and go backward.

So, the question is how does a firm keep the revolving doors turning? The answer is simple: by following the tips and tricks underneath. Just don’t forget to bring the mouth sanitizer and your warmest smile.

Find Them First

The problem with attracting people to your brand is that there are so many people on the planet. Of the billions that live and breathe, only a small percentage doesn’t have access to a TV or the internet. Simply put, there are far too many potential customers to try and fit through the physical and electronic doors. So, the first thing you must do is figure out which consumers are likely targets. You might do that through analysing their shopping patterns, or you might target them simply because of their age. Regardless, you need to know which people you’re going to market to before you start a new strategy.


Leave A Message

Thanks to the internet, it isn’t hard to find out where people live. Not as in their home address, but where they spend most of their time online. For some, it is forums, others it’s their email account, and for a large proportion it’s social media platforms. Why is this relevant? It’s significant because you can leave them a message once you know the place they frequent. For example, if your perfect customer loves social media, you can find out which platform and start tweeting. The odds are high that they will come across the post and respond. Or, you can ‘blast’ anybody that loves to check their emails once or twice a day.

Respond Directly

Speaking of social media, don’t be afraid to use it to talk to any potential customers. Every person is different, so not everyone will jump into bed with you because they like what they see. Some will want to ask supplementary questions before they make a decision, which is where social media comes into its own. With the help of Twitter and Co, you can respond to any questions or queries and put people’s’ minds at ease. Once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty simple. Just make sure you have someone manning the platforms at all times. After all, the chances of a conversion are higher if the response is quick.


Always Be Available

It isn’t rocket science, but it’s worth mentioning: there’s nothing more annoying than unavailability. Just imagine it from the customer’s point of view. They come across a product or service, it fills a void, and they can’t wait to make a conversion. But, when they get to the final phase, they find that it isn’t possible. Arghhh! Of course, instead of taking it on the chin they decide that they will never use you again, and you lose a sale. Multiply this by ten for 365 days of the year and that’s a hell of a lot of lost sales. The good news is that it’s avoidable with a system that deals with online appointments. All you have to do is make the appointment schedule open to the public and update it regularly. That way, they know when you’re available and when they can make a booking. If it’s products their after, try and send a regular email blast which informs people of new stock.


No, this isn’t a leaf out of Captain Kirk’s book. Instead, it’s a means of piggybacking on other companies’ success. Whether you like it or not, you’re not the only player in town. But, don’t look at this as a negative: see it as a positive. Okay, so other firms are successful, but they can’t maintain their levels without help. In simple terms, you both need each other’s resources, which is why you should offer a helping hand. The trick is to find a company that isn’t a direct competitor and come up with a marketing plan. Just make sure that the business is within the same industry or else it won’t have the right effect.

With these tips, you’ll be the Venus fly trap of the industry.

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